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Hail the King Chapter 608.2

Chapter 608: Principal Fei’s First Lecture (3) (Part Two)

“Haha, little girl, you are too impatient. This technique, [Drifting Snows Lead to Blood], can only be fully used when you are at Three-Star…”

“Bodily coordination is key to this [Flashing Sword Scroll]. You are born with insane strength, and you are burly. However, your flexibility is lacking. Instead of practicing this sword technique, switching to [One Strike Scroll] which is a knife technique is a better option. Your physique matches it quite well……”

“[Lotus Bloom Scroll]? You would need to vibrate the 31 hidden energy channels to use it perfectly. Close your eyes; I’m going to vibrate these 31 energy channels for you. Carefully sense it….. Eh, this is a good choice. Although this technique isn’t powerful early on, if you persist and pass Six-Star, you would realize its power. It will provide you with a vast amount of warrior energy, and you will be in the advantage when fighting with opponents who are on your level!”

“Wind-elemental magic? This is tricky. I can sense the abundant magic energy in your body, and it seems like you are able to sense the elements clearly. However, it does seem like your spirit energy is a little weak. Haha, little guy, you don’t think spirit energy is important? Haha, you couldn’t be more wrong! You need to know that many powerful mages are great at spirit energy. Therefore, you could go to the library and check out the technique called [Green Ocean Sea Tides]. It should help you with the issue that you couldn’t condense the wind-elemental elements when you are casting spells!”

“Eh…… Your 35th energy channel isn’t fully open yet. Let me tell you how to do it……”

“[Metal Chaotic Fire] is a high-level combat technique that requires granular control. You are lacking……”


Time slowly passed by.

During this time, the king demonstrated his profound understanding of warrior energy, magic energy, and cultivation in general; he was even a little shocked by the stuff he knew, and he also felt proud.

For the first time, Fei realized that he had accumulated a vast amount of information. He answered all the questions, and he didn’t get stuck at all. In most case, before the audience members could ask him the questions, he already saw through their issues and easily solved it for them in a few sentences.

This quick process made these university students and soldiers who already admired Fei fall for him even more.

There were more than 10,000 techniques scrolls inside the Civil and Military University’s library, and it seemed like the king knew each one of them to the details. Almost every audience member was recommended a style that fits them, and Fei even gave them the names of the scrolls, saving them a lot of time and unnecessary efforts.

“How many times did His Majesty read those scrolls? It seems like he knows all the techniques to heart, and he comprehends everything! This is god-like!” they thought.

The king’s profound understanding and superior memory shocked many people.

Of course, if they knew that almost all the cultivation scrolls, combat technique scrolls, and even magic scrolls at Chambord were created by the king, as well as the fact that there were at least 30 Moon-Class Techniques, more than 100 combat weapons that were hard to find, and various magic items in the most advanced weaponry storage on the top-levels of the [City of Heroes], the shock they experienced would be 1,000 times more intense!

The people who were sitting in the back were initially worried that there wasn’t enough time for them to ask questions, but more than 90% of the audience members got their questions answered already.

When everyone received the answers to their questions, the night already arrived.

In everyone’s chants, the king ended the class that took the entire afternoon and left the [City of Heroes].

All of them were looking forward to the next class.

It was an insanely rare opportunity for anyone to get a super powerful master to tailor his or her cultivation path and technique; even the young nobles from the most powerful noble families at St. Petersburg might not get this chance. However, these kids in Chambord, despite their family backgrounds, got to experience it.

This first class was unforgettable.

For a lot of them, this was their first time interacting with their king. Compared with listening to the stories told by their fathers, this experience was much more shocking and impactful.

As they watched their king leave the classroom with a smile on his face, everyone in the audience swore to themselves that they would fight for the king didn’t matter how dangerous and challenging it might be. They promised themselves that even if they would die, and their souls would get destroyed, they would protect this kingdom!

No betrayal!

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