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Hail the King Chapter 609.1

Chapter 609: Prequel Before the Storm (Part One)

Fei didn’t realize that this class went on for so long. When he walked out of the underground cave, the moon and the stars were already shining in the sky. It was about eight to nine o’clock in the evening, and he got a little hungry. However, Angela had been living at her official home, which was Bast’s Mansion. According to traditions, the king wasn’t able to see his fiancée during this time before the wedding, so Fei had to find some food on his own.

With a big black cloak on him to hide his identity, Fei tried to find a pub in the restaurant area of Chambord to get some food, but he ended up at Soros’ Merchant Group’s storefronts under Husky’s lead.

After an afternoon of busy work, the storefronts the Soros’ Merchant Group had on the main street of Chambord completed the renovations, and it was just waiting for the next day to open its doors.

As the head manager of the branch in Chambord, Jessica was living in the store that was in the middle of all other stores. This store was a four-story stone tower, and Jessica was living on the fourth floor.

Husky walked in and shouted.

Since all the guards of the merchant group knew their boss’ simple-minded brother, they did some quick inspections and went to report to Jessica.

Soon, Jessica who was wearing a simple and thin bubble dress rushed down the stairs like a butterfly.

“Emile…… Ah, Your M…… You are here as well?”

It was obvious that Jessica didn’t expect Fei’s return.

When her guards reported to her, they only mentioned her brother, Husky. Fei who got more than half of his head covered by the cloak got treated like an insignificant servant, and he wasn’t even mentioned in the report.

Therefore, as soon as Jessica came down and saw Fei, she felt like her clothes were too simple.

Her thin, lace bubble dress only covered up to her knees, and her beautiful lower legs that were perfectly curved were exposed. Also, she was wearing a pair of pink, furry slippers, and her delicate toes were revealed as well. Since her skin was smooth and pink, her toes looked like art pieces that were sculpted out by great artists. The sleeveless dress also exposed her smooth, toned arms, and the V-neck showcased her pretty collarbones and that portion of her skin above her chest, which was like the white snow on the summits of the holiest mountains.

Fei glanced at her and quickly moved his eyes away; he started murmuring ‘Amitabha’. (TL Note: It is the name of a celestial buddha according to the scriptures of Mahayana. However, in Buddhism at China, people treat his name like a chant, and it is used to calm the nerves.)

He thought, “This girl wasn’t this attractive before; why do I feel like she is charming enough to lure all the men in this world? Damn, she is stunning! No wonder people say that 11 out of ten men treat her as their dream lovers back at Dual-Flags City.”

In fact, even Jessica’s guards were stunned by this side of her.

“Ah…… you…… please come up……” Jessica instantly blushed, and she didn’t know what to say. She wanted to go up and change into something else, but the person in front of her was the King of Chambord; it might be too rude to ditch him like that. Therefore, with red cheeks and a racing heart, she invited Fei up the stairs.

“Hehehe, we are here to get a meal. After giving a lecture at the university for the entire afternoon, we haven’t eaten anything yet……” Even though Husky was simple-minded, he was cautious this time and didn’t reveal Fei’s real identity. However, he also described what happened so that his silly sister knew what was going on.

However, what he said instantly made the guards, who were hired by the Soros’ Merchant Group at high-cost, look at Fei differently.

Although they had only spent a few days at Chambord, they knew how important the Civil and Military University was in the entire kingdom. They heard that all the instructors in this strange academy were all masters in their relative fields such as warrior energy, magic energy, and potion making, and they could make any other kingdom go crazy over their knowledge.

Also, they heard that the King of Chambord treasured these instructors and treated them well, so these instructors had high-statuses in Chambord and were influential.

“Could it be that this man in the black cloak is a prestigious instructor from Chambord’s Civil and Military University? He looks quiet, and it feels like he is a servant when he stands next to Boss’ brother…… But it looks like Boss knows him well and is very respectful toward him.”

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