Chapter 609: Prequel Before the Storm (Part Two)

“Damn! Our boss is beautiful, and many people pursued her at Dual-Flags City. It was later heard that she is the King of Chambord’s woman, and all those pursuers backed off. Also, our boss is treasured by a high-level official in Soros’ Merchant Group, and she usually doesn’t pay attention to other people. Why this little white face who is wearing a black cloak?” these guards thought to themselves.

(TL Note: Little white face is a Chinese term that refers to young men didn’t want to work and relied on wealthy women. In most cases, they are handsome and don’t have other abilities.)

After thinking about how they ignored this man, these guards got nervous and sweated a little.

“Sorry for bothering you. These few days are special, and I don’t have many places where I can get food. Therefore, Emile and I came to eat here.” Although the king didn’t anticipate these sexy scenes, since he was already here, he calmed down and greeted Jessica. After all, he was a man who had seen many situations. However, he was a little dull and didn’t notice Jessica’s strange mood.

After seeing their boss bring that ‘instructor’ up to her personal space upstairs, the guards looked at each other in shock; they couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

“It is already late…… But…… Could it be that our naïve-looking, beautiful, and classy boss found a handsome young lover behind the King of Chambord’s back? Hell will break loose once this information gets out!”

The guards who instantly ‘understood the situation’ gave each other a look and secured the area around the building, just in case unexpected events took place.

They only relaxed and exhaled deeply after that ‘young instructor’ left after an hour or so.

There was a curious guard among them. Since he was a Three-Star Warrior, he decided to follow the ‘young instructor’ and see where he was from despite his peers’ objections.

After following for about 500 meters, he completely lost track of his target, and he got shocked. By then, he realized that this ‘young instructor’ was really powerful.

“No wonder he is brave enough to fight for a woman with the King of Chambord……” this guard thought.


Fei could never expect that he was thought of as a little white face who dared to fight over Jessica with the King of Chambord.

Even though he discovered that guard who was trying to follow him, he knew that the latter was doing so due to security concerns since he didn’t reveal his identity to them. Therefore, he didn’t mind it.

He easily got out of that situation and flew toward the Sky Castle which was located on the Five Sword Sky Mountains.

The king’s return instantly made the main palace busy again. The maids tried to prepare dinner, but Fei quickly stopped them and told them to sleep.

Fei was about to go into Diablo World to kill monsters, but……


A blue portal appeared in front of him, and Kashya walked out of it.

The Letter Office got new information, and Kashya was asked to deliver it; it seemed like something significant took place.

After reading the thick stack of the intelligence report, Fei fell into deep thoughts.

Changes occurred at the Eindhoven Battle Zone. With Emperor Kromkamp of Eindhoven killed and only the Capital City left, it seemed like the Eindhoven Empire was going to get conquered just like the Spartax Empire in a short time. However, since Crown Prince Arshavin returned to St. Petersburg, it gave the people of Eindhoven a chance to breathe. A female general named Lanji appeared, and she led the desperate soldiers of Eindhoven and defended against the soldiers of Zenit for more than half a month. Then, she suddenly launched a counterattack and wiped out two main battle legions of Zenit that were surrounding the Capital of Eindhoven, stabilizing the situation.

It was heard that this female general named Lanji was only 20 years old and single. She was the daughter of the famous general in Eindhoven, Costakarta, and she announced that she was going to kill the King of Chambord to revenge for her father after getting that victory.

However, Fei wasn’t worried about that. What worried him occurred in the Jax Battle Zone.

After his title as the No.1 Commander of the battle zone was stripped away, the henchmen of Arshavin took over and received the fruit of Fei’s labor, which was the Jax Empire declaring that they lost the war.

Since the pressure from the war was gone, the henchmen of the Crown Prince instantly raised the butcher knife. The head commander of the native military force, Ribry, got his title stripped away, and it was heard that he was arrest for distortion, malfeasance, corruption, and conspiracy. He was about to face the Imperial Military Headquarters and could be imprisoned for years.

Also, masters from the affiliated kingdoms who were close to Fei such as Shevchenko, Cindy, and Reyes were all summoned to St. Petersburg to face interrogations.

It was clear that all of this was aimed at Fei.

Arshavin couldn’t hold back and was finally about to take actions against Fei.

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