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Hail the King Chapter 610.1

Chapter 610: Heading to Dual-Flags City (Part One)

The intelligence report from the Letter Office also mentioned some other things.

One of the things was what happened to the elderly warriors who got rescued by Fei from the Mythical Palace. After their families came to Dual-Flags City and guarded them, they were still attacked by mysterious forces on their way home. Out of all elderly warriors, two of them died in battles, and their families got wiped out. The others also experienced danger but were able to get back to their territories. They suffered various degrees of losses; some were unharmed, and some lost a ton of family members and treasures.

Fei could only sigh.

A person with treasures that didn’t match with his or her strength would experience tragedy. The number of natural treasures that each of the elderly warriors got from the core region of the Mythical Palace was enough to create about a dozen Moon-Class Elites, and it might even be enough to help a peak Full Moon Elite to breakthrough to Sun-Class.

Since that news already got out, they became the targets of many jealous people. This world was cruel and unjust. Without the power to fight back, one had to be prepared to get eaten alive.

The intelligence report also mentioned the activities that were going on in dozens of empires around Zenit.

As the Zenit Empire regained its strength, conquered its nemesis, the Spartax Empire, and surrounded the Capital City of Eindhoven, all the other empires around it sensed the immerse threat, especially the Leon Empire which already held grudges against the Zenit Empire. It was one of the domineering empires in the region, and it was already establishing alliances with other empires in the area and planned to suppress Zenit, this giant northern bear.

In the meantime, there was also another big rumor.

As the No.1 Royal Mage of the Legion Empire and one of the most powerful mages in the region, Domenech suddenly disappeared a month ago. Some people guessed that this powerful mage was already killed by another more powerful master. After all, the magic tower that the Leon Empire built for him suddenly lost the connected magic power half a month ago and collapsed; it was a sign that the owner of the magic tower died. Of course, there were also people who said that Domenech betrayed the Leon Empire for some mysterious reason and was on the run, chased by the royal masters of Leon.

Fei was very pleased by the efficiency and accuracy of the Letter Office.

After close to one year of development, Zolasc and Modric who were saved by Fei from the mine pit in the former Blackstone Empire demonstrated their unique talents and abilities. When they were slaves, they were dancing on the blade of danger and negotiated with the Grim Reaper daily. These experiences of theirs gave them superior adaptability and fortitude, and these characteristics of theirs gave them the ability to soar in the underground world.

In just a year, the two mysterious names, [Old Man] and [Young Man], were already famous in the underground world in the area. They represented a rookie force, but they were on the level of some ancient forces.

Of course, this couldn’t be achieved without Fei’s 100% support.

If you know yourself and your enemies, you will win all the battles. Fei’s experience from his previous life told him that if Chambord wanted to survive in this cruel world, a sharp and sensitive intelligence network was a must. In order to create such an intelligence agency, Fei had spent millions of gold coins. This amount of money could fully equip two main battle legions!

If he didn’t have the insane transmutation item, Horadric Cube, that could combine low-tier magic gems into high-tier magic gems, there was no way that he could support such an intelligence agency. After all, even the Zenit Empire might not be able to afford it!

On top of financial backing, Fei also tried hard to support the agency with mighty warriors and guardians.

The military leader of [Rogue Encampment], Kashya, had been running around to deal with all sorts of situations, and she got the name [Bloody Yellow Cape] in the underworld. At the moment, she was one of the few top-tier masters in that world. Also, the dozens of masters Fei got from Martial Saint Mountain were placed into the Letter Office, and they were sent to various empires to complete tasks; they were one of the key foundations of the agency.

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  1. Draghnof

    Yes I knew that these old men were going to get rob or killed 🙂 But it’s sad to be right … I liked these guys (Fei really should have killed everyone at the altar ….)

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