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Hail the King Chapter 610.2

Chapter 610: Heading to Dual-Flags City (Part Two)

Currently, the Letter Office was like Fei’s third eye; they were able to help the king monitor the movements of the forces 500,000 kilometers around Chambord, and all the information could be passed to Fei by Kashya who could appear in front of him at any time. Therefore, Fei always had the most relevant information to aid him in the decision-making process.

Although Fei wasn’t sure if the royal family of Zenit had a similar intelligence agency, he was sure that any of the underground forces within 500,000 kilometers of Zenit couldn’t match up against the Letter Office.

They created an invisible yet strong defense wall for Chambord.

After reading all intelligence report, Fei thought about it and wrote a simple letter back to [Old Man] and [Young Man]. He pointed out a few key directions and listed a few critical targets for them to monitor.

Kashya who was always silent took the letter and turned to the teleport portal.

“Oh, right. Are you able to come to my wedding which is 13 days away?” Fei suddenly asked as a big, gilded, and red invitation letter flew toward Kashaya. This magic invitation was an entrance ticket to the wedding.

“I will come by if there isn’t anything important going on,” Kashya answered lightly without turning back her head as she reached out her hand and easily caught the magic invitation with two of her fingers. Then, she disappeared with the portal.

Fei smiled and shook his head.

Compared with other NPCs from [Rogue Encampment], this military leader was the most powerful person and the most silent one. She was naturally a quiet person, and she wasn’t trying to be disrespectful toward the king. In fact, she was a loyal and dependable master.

Valkyrie Elena was one of her proudest students, and Kashya saw Elena grow up.

Kashya taught the female rogues miraculous archery skills, and the relationships between them were like mother and daughters.

Although Kashya’s answer wasn’t clear, Fei knew that this most powerful person from [Rogue Encampment] would be there.

When daughters were getting married, their mothers would be there for sure.

After Kashya left, Fei returned to [The Throne of Chaos] and started thinking.

From the information the Letter Office provided, Fei sensed something really strange and mysterious.

Half a month ago, Emperor Yassin showed himself in the core region of the Mythical Palace. He had a dominating presence and easily defeated the Sun-Class Lord, Domenech. More than a dozen people saw that, and the royal master of Jax, who was an enemy of Zenit, was there as well.

Normally, this shocking news should be spread around in the region. However, nothing about that battle was released to the public; it felt like Emperor Yassin never showed himself!

Half a month had passed, and Emperor Yassin was still keeping up the image of an elderly master who was going to pass away at any moment. No one knew the secret!

Also, the other party in that battle, Domenech, appeared in the core region and got defeated and chased by Emperor Yassin. This information was also not released, and many people were coming up with guesses and theories as to why he disappeared. This confused Fei.

It seemed like a huge pair of invisible hands wiped out the traces of battle that could affect the power dynamics of the empires within a region of 500,000 kilometers around Zenit.

A lot of hidden events were taking place, and Fei smelled thick conspiracies as well as the smoke that could trigger wars!

Perhaps a chaotic time where empires battled with each other was about to arrive!

That was why Fei instantly took off his honorable title as the No.1 Commander of the Jax Battle Zone and returned to Chambord; the king was trying his best to pull Chambord out of the potential messy wars between empires. After all, Chambord was still too weak on this continent, and anything could flip it over.

Although Fei knew that if Zenit got crushed, Chambord would be ruined as well, it would still be better than Chambord being used as a suicide squad by someone who was in a powerful position in Zenit.

Fei himself couldn’t get away from the upcoming chaos.

When that thin figure turned into ashes on the summit of Martial Saint Mountain and covered the land of Zenit, Fei swore that he was going to protect this land for him. From that moment on, the path in front of Fei was full of danger and traps.

For example, Fei had to head to Dual-Flags City now.

His former comrades who fought enemies alongside him were being framed and punished in Dual-Flags City, and Fei couldn’t just sit still and watch.

After summoning Torres into the [Godly King Palace] and gave him some orders, Fei pulled [The Throne of Chaos] back into his body, opened his silver sword energy wings, and dashed toward Dual-Flags City like a beam of light.

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