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Hail the King Chapter 611.1

Chapter 611: Crazy Decision (Part One)

The night arrived, and the darkness enveloped Dual-Flags City, suffocating the people inside.

The situation seemed a little strange.

The troops of Jax already left about half a month ago, and the cruel and deadly war was over. Since the threat of death passed, Dual-Flags City should have returned to normal. Even though it was far from Chambord City which was powered by magic technologies, there should still be a lot of people on the streets at this time, and it should be a little noisy.

After all, Dual-Flags City was the biggest city in the Northwest of Zenit.

As Fei stood in the sky above the city, he looked down and felt a little confused.

Dual-Flags City was about 800 kilometers away from Chambord. To ordinary people, that trip might take more than ten days. However, to masters like Fei, it only took about a few minutes. Even though Fei didn’t use [The Throne of Chaos], his speed when he used the silver sword energy wings was also as fast as light, and he appeared above Dual-Flags City quickly after he dashed away from Five Sword Sky Mountains.

After Fei calculated the time, he realized that it was about 10 PM.

Since Fei knew this city very well, he anticipated a giant lit city with a lot of people walking around. However, at the moment, it was very quiet and dark inside the city; this wouldn’t happen if there weren’t a curfew.

There were only a few lights lit at this moment, and most of them were from military camps and main structures in the city. There wasn’t anyone on the street, and the spring wind blew up some yellow sand grains and made a series of desolated noises. Overall, it felt like this city was an empty ghost city.

There was a vague smell of blood in the air.

As Fei flew in the sky, he sensed streaks of vicious undead energy circling the city and unwilling to leave.

“What is going on? Could it……” Fei frowned.

After giving it some thought, he dashed down toward the military campsite of the native military force. He wanted to find people like Ribry and asked them what was going on inside the city.


-Military campsite of the native military force-

The chilly wind blew by, and streaks of black smoke flew in the air.

Inside the braziers that were hung by the two sides of the gate, dark red flames flickered in the wind; it felt like they were going to be extinguished at any moment. Also, a few pieces of charcoal got blew out of the braziers, spilling sparks everywhere.

Even though these lights were dim, they allowed Fei to see the surroundings. There were 20 wooden beams that were more than 10 meters tall right outside the military campsite, and three to four dark-faced corpses were hanging on each beam. These corpses were swinging in the air, and their tongues were sticking out; it was clear that they were killed by hanging.

These corpses were all wearing soldier uniforms, and they hadn’t start rotten yet, meaning that they were only killed four to five days ago.

Outside of this military campsite, there were multiple teams of fully armored soldiers stationed there, and there were also soldiers patrolling around with murderous spirits on them. All of them were monitoring this campsite.

Inside of the campsite, all the native soldiers of Dual-Flags City were asked to rest, and no braziers and campfires were allowed.

A silver flame flashed, and Fei appeared in front of this campsite.

He looked up at the corpses that were hung on the wooden beams, and he instantly frowned as anger and confusion filled his mind!

He recognized a few of them; they were soldiers who were brave and overdone themselves during the defensive battles, and Fei even praised them specifically. They were all soldiers whom Fei appreciated, but they were somehow hung!

“What military law did they breach?” With this question on his mind, Fei walked toward the central tent in the camp.

Metal-colliding noises sounded as the metal armors of the patrolling soldiers ground each other, and their weapons reflected the chilling light of the night. These teams of soldiers kept on walking by Fei, but none of them were able to discover him. The king’s strength was beyond the realm of regular masters, and an invisible energy fluttered around him as he walked forward, blocking him from all senses of the people in the area.

As he was wandering around, he spread out his spirit energy and tried to locate Ribry.

However, after a while, the king was surprised to find that this man who held the highest position in this group wasn’t inside the military campsite.


-Central Tent-

Since no brazier was lit, terrifying darkness enveloped everything. Only a few long breaths could be heard.

Sitting in the no.1 seat to the right of the seat of the head commander, Gago, who was the Brigade Commander of the native military force in Dual-Flags City, looked around with his eagle-like eyes, and anger could be seen in him.

Not too long ago, he received a warrior energy training scroll from the King of Chambord. He had been practicing it every day, and his realm finally climbed to Four-Star.

There were several other commanders who were Star-level Warriors, and they all could see in the dark without lights.

At the moment, they could all see the sad and angry expressions on their peers’ faces.

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