Chapter 611: Crazy Decision (Part Two)

“What should we do? Mr. Ribry is now gone for three days, and we still don’t have any information. At the moment, it seems like hope isn’t on our side. Those damn b*stards; they surrounded the campsite and don’t allow us to get out and seek information. Should we just wait here until our death? Everyone here is the most trusted comrade and brother of Mr. Ribry. At this critical moment, we need to do something!” Gago said in a deep voice as he looked around the people inside the tent; it was clear that he was trying to hold back his anger.

“Right now, our campsite is locked down, and the special envoy from the Imperial Military Headquarters is not allowing anyone to leave. Otherwise, the death penalty would be used. Ah…… Warriors like Klun and Yule…… They were such good soldiers during battle…… Just because they wanted to sneak out and get news about Mr. Ribry, they were hung by those b*stards…… Worst come to worst, let’s start a rebellion! Let’s kill these b*stards who don’t act like humans and save Mr. Ribry!”

“Yeah, Gago, you are right! I think all our brothers are willing to do so. Let’s kill them all! Let’s show them that the native military force isn’t easy to bully!”

“Yeah! F*ck them! When we were fighting and bleeding for the city, what were those noble b*stards doing?”

“Yuck! Yeah! As soon as they got here, they started to rob our military merits. Also, they try to force us to make up lies about how King Alexander His Majesty colluded with the enemies of Jax. They tortured so many of our men and tried to make them lie, and so many brave warriors got killed……”

“It is truly chilling! So many brave brothers didn’t die on the battlefield but got killed by our own! This is shameful! We are heroes who defended the city, and this is what we get? I don’t think that damn envoy named Matthewson is going to let us live; he is trying to kill us all! We should rebel! It would only take us half an hour to kill those b*stards who hadn’t even seen blood yet!”

“Kill them all! Let’s get to the Mayor’s Mansion and killed Soroyov, that poisonous snake! Then, we can rescue Mr. Ribry!”

The people inside the central tent got stirred up, and they all placed their hands on the hilts of their swords.

As soon as they thought about what happened in the last while, berserk expressions appeared on their faces. The anger in their hearts was enough to burn down the city! These heroes who protected the city didn’t expect that they would be treated like criminals after the war!

His peers’ roars made Gago feel like his blood boiled with them.

With his right hand on the hilt of the sword, he felt the impulse of pulling it out, rushing out of the tent, and blowing the bugle. All the soldiers in the campsite would be gathered, and they would be able to rescue their head commander, Ribry, and wash away the shame and torture that they had been experiencing.

However, at the last moment, he forced himself to hold his emotions in check.

“We sure could kill all these b*stards in the city, and we could probably rescue Mr. Ribry. However, what next? Could we really get away from the empire? Once the main battle legions get send here…… No, not even them. As long as the Executive Knights from the Imperial Knight Palace get here, we would be defeated…… I don’t mind dying for Mr. Ribry, but do we really want tens of thousands of brothers to die with us for the crazy decision we make?” Gago asked with a bitter expression.

What he said was like blocks of ice that fell into people’s hearts, instantly suppressing their anger and fury. The amount of power the Imperial Knight Palace had was indefensible, and they all felt a little desperate and ashamed.

“Then, what should we do? Should we just wait around here and do nothing? Mr. Ribry, he……”

“No, we need to do something,” Gago lowered his voice and said with flashing lights in his eyes, “We don’t need to drag in all the soldiers of the native military force; the few of us are enough. When it is midnight, those b*stards will lower their guards. We could sneak out, dash to the Mayor’s Mansion, and kill that damn envoy and Soroyov. Then, we could save Mr. Ribry and leave Dual-Flags City…… It is more dangerous this way…… Do you guys have the guts to do it?”

“Sounds good! I, Tilundo, will listen to you!”

“That is a better plan! I’m willing to do anything for Mr. Ribry!”

“No problem! My battle ax has been waiting for this day! It is thirsty already!”

However, some people had questions.

“What should we do after we rescue Mr. Ribry? The Imperial Knight Palace would definitely deal with this incident, and we couldn’t hide from the Executive Knights. We must find a good place to go after this, and we shouldn’t act recklessly!”

A smile appeared on Gago’s face.

“I already thought about it! After rescuing Mr. Ribry, we will get the fastest horses and go to Chambord! King Alexander His Majesty is a hero and a true friend of Mr. Ribry! He is really powerful, and he won’t fear the Executive Knights!”

As soon as he said that, people in the tent nodded.

Indeed. At this moment, they all felt like only that man could bring them a sense of security.

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