Chapter 612: No Need to Endure Anymore (Part One)

“But if we do that, it might bring a lot of trouble to Mr. Alexander,” the commander who raised the question first looked around and said, “Mr. Alexander might not be afraid of the Imperial Knight Palace, but we need to be careful. Crown Prince Arshavin and many noble families at St. Petersburg are trying to find excuses to frame His Majesty. If we go to him after we rescue Mr. Ribry, I’m afraid that those b*stards don’t need to find an excuse to deal with King Alexander His Majesty anymore.”

What this commander said made sense.

The people in the tent nodded and thought, “If we run to Chambord after rescuing Mr. Ribry, King Alexander will for sure keep us. However, this would be similar to pulling him into hot water! We might harm His Majesty and even the entire kingdom!”

A bitter smile appeared on Gago’s face.

After a short pause, he said, “Don’t worry; I already planned for that. After we rescue Mr. Ribry and get out of Dual-Flags City, we will go separate ways. You guys can take Mr. Ribry to Chambord, and I will take a group of suicide squad and charge toward the Jax Empire to distract the Imperial Knight Palace’s attention. When they catch up to me, I can find a few corpses, destroy their faces, and make them substitutes for you guys. I don’t think the people from the Imperial Knight Palace could figure it out.”

Everyone in the tent was stunned.

From what Gago said, it sounded like he was going to sacrifice himself for everyone else. Even if everything went according to plan, and the people from Imperial Knight Palace were fooled, he would be captured by them since there was no way that they would allow him to commit suicide. Then, he would be tortured in interrogations, and no ordinary human could endure through that.

“No! Gago, you are wise and quick; Mr. Ribry needs to be looked after by you, and the team couldn’t do it without you. Hehe, let me go and distract the Imperial Knight Palace! I’m worthless, and me dying to save your guys is a great deal!”

“Yuck! Don’t try to rob this eye-catching opportunity from me! I should be the one who goes as a distraction!”

“Lendo! You are bad! Haha, I’m the most familiar with the terrains in the Jax Empire, and I’m more fitting for this job! Hehe, I can take the b*stards from the Imperial Knight Palace onto a game of hide-and-seek!”

These brave and heroic men all shouted and tried to get the chance to sacrifice themselves as if that was the only way for them to make it out here alive.

Gago looked around, and he felt like his blood was boiling.

He said to himself in his head, “Mr. Ribry, do you hear this? You should be proud to have this bunch of brothers who are willing to die for you! They are the real soldiers, the real warriors, and real men! Compared to them, those pitiful nobles at St. Petersburg who only know how to fight for power should be ashamed of themselves!”

At this moment, a clear voice sounded from the outside and penetrated the tent, “Hahaha! Good plan! However, I can promise you that you won’t succeed and will just die!”

“Who is it?” Gago was shocked!

Tink! He pulled out his sword, and his body turned into a bladestorm, dashing toward the direction of that voice fiercely.

Tink! Tink! Tink! Tink!

A series of metal-colliding noises sounded.

Everyone in the tent was an elite commander who had been through life-and-death moments on the battlefields, and they were all experienced. Therefore, they all reacted at the same time as well.

Before this meeting, they placed more than a dozen elite soldiers around the tent, trying to keep the area secure. However, this unknown person got so close to the tent; it was clear that he was extremely powerful.

Although they felt like this voice sounded familiar, it was an urgent matter, and capturing this person was the best thing to do now. After all, what they were talking about were a highly sensitive matter, and tragedy would arrive if it got out!

However, as soon as they rushed out of the tent, they sensed an indefensible energy coming at them. Didn’t matter how hard they tried to fight it off, they made no progress forward.

They were all stunned again! They knew that they were no match for this mysterious master.

“You guys were still praising me a moment ago; why are you trying to show me your blades as soon as we meet again?” A figure appeared under the moonlight.

With a smile on his face, he looked spectacular and unparalleled.

Everyone was surprised!

Some of them rubbed their eyes and couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

“King…… King Alexander?!?!”

After a few seconds, they finally realized that they weren’t hallucinating. They were thrilled, and all their worries and fears were gone. They knew that the fact this person appeared here meant that he was willing to help and save Ribry. Also, they realized that if this man wanted to do something, it would be achieved. They couldn’t recall anything that had ever stopped this man.

“Legion Commander!” Gago and the other commanders kneeled and greeted.

Fei was the Legion Commander of the [Wolf Teeth Legion] and the No.1 Commander of the Jax Battle Zone. Therefore, he was the big boss of everyone here, and they were used to calling him ‘Legion Commander’.

“Please get up!” Fei waved his hand, and an invisible energy helped these people up gently.

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