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Hail the King Chapter 612.2

Chapter 612: No Need to Endure Anymore (Part Two)

He asked, “I heard what you guys talked about. Gago, tell me everything that had happened in the last while in detail.”

“As you wish!” Gago replied and started to tell Fei the whole thing.

It turned out that after Fei left Dual-Flags City, Matthewson, who was the special envoy from the Imperial Military Headquarters and a henchman of Arshavin, started an obvious ‘cleansing’ operation. At first, all the commanders who were close to Fei were called over for meetings. He tried to hint at these commanders and told them things such as ‘the King of Chambord was up to no good’, ‘the King of Chambord was trying to increase the power of Chambord Kingdom at the expense of Zenit’, and ‘the King of Chambord was treasonous’. However, Fei’s influence in the city was great, and people like Mathewson got nowhere with their plans. Therefore, they got mad and surrounded the native military force with the soldiers they brought from St. Petersburg, beginning the real bloody ‘cleansing’.

Gago was a good speaker, and he quickly told Fei everything concisely.

“Oh? You mean people like Soroyov and the nobles got back to their former selves? They are corrupt again, and they have been framing the commanders who are heroes in defending the city?” Fei frowned.

“Yes, Sir! If you could do it all over again, you shouldn’t let these old dogs go!” The commanders all got furious when talking about people like Soroyov.

“Ribry had been arrested by that Special Envoy Mathewson three days ago, and you guys don’t know what is going on?” Fei sensed a huge conspiracy.

“Yes, Sir! Also, the 20 guards of Mr. Ribry were also taken away,” Gago answered.

Fei nodded, thought for a bit, and asked, “Those heroic warriors who gained a lot of military merits during the war were hung outside the military campsite just because they cared about their commander and tried to gather information on him?”

“Yes, Sir,” Gago shouted with a sadden expression, “We tried our best, but…… but we couldn’t stop those b*stards…… We…… we let our brothers down……”

This clever commander cried like a child.

Men rarely cried because their sensitive nerves were hard to touch!

For a moment, the eyes of all the commanders in the area reddened and watered.

Fei lightly patted Gago’s shoulder, glanced around, and said slowly, “You guys did well; you are real warriors. When Ribry weren’t here, it is your control of the impulses that saved the force. They already set up masters outside the camp, and they are ambushing you. If you did anything strange…… But now, we don’t need to endure it anymore! Someone, blow the bugle! Assemble the troop! Raise my king flag! Open the gate! Play the hero burial music! We will use the most sincere and honorable way to welcome back the corpses of our heroes, and we will avenge for them! Kill everyone who dares to stop us! I, the King of Chambord, will bare all the consequences!”

Fei’s speech was firm and authoritative. It resonated in the sky and didn’t die down for a long while!

After a moment of shock, these commanders felt like that sense of security was back. They felt like the anger and grudge they were holding in for the last half a month were wiped out, and they saluted at Fei and replied with a roar, “As you wish, Legion Commander!”

Soon, the loud bugle sounded.

Like a bolt of lightning that lit up the sky, the sound of the bugle resonated around this military campsite.

After hearing the summon, the soldiers who were red-eyed and didn’t even take off their armors at night rushed out of their tents as fast as they could decisively.

As soon as they got out of the tents, they saw the new commander flag that was being raised in the camp.

“Quick, look! That commander flag…… Mr. Alexander’s battle flag!”

“Ah! Great! Is King Alexander His Majesty back? Now, there is someone who will uphold justice for us!”

“Mr. Alexander! You are finally back! We have been waiting for you!!”

Tens of thousands of native soldiers rushed to the center of the campsite at the fastest speed, and everyone looked at the figure who was standing below the commander flag with expectant eyes. As they hoped, there was the invincible, young commander who led them and battled against the enemies in the northwest!

At this moment, all of them calmed down.

Like a tangible matter, the morale of the soldiers shot into the sky and shattered the clouds!


-Outside the campsite-

“What is going on? These pigs of Dual-Flags City dare to blow the bulge and raise the commander flag without Mr. Mathewson’s order? Damn it! How dare they gather the soldiers? Investigate! Figure out who gave the order! Arrest him, and I will skin him alive!”

A black armored commander rushed out of his tent which was located inside one of the two campsites that sandwiched the military campsite of the native military force.

At this moment, a series of cheers sounded. It felt like a volcano erupted, and lava was gushing out of the deep earth core.

“Sir! Sir! Bad news! The native soldiers are launching a rebellion! They went against the military order, rushed out of their campsite, and are about to take back the corpses of those soldiers who were hung a few days ago……” a messenger rushed by and reported anxiously.

“Hahaha! These bugs dare to rebel and commit treason? They are seeking their death! Mr. Mathewson already anticipated this! He ordered us to kill them as soon as they do anything unusual! Hahaha, this is the time for me to get a lot of military merits! Pass my order! All soldiers stay alert, and you go invite the masters from the Imperial Knight Palace over! I want to see who is daring enough to commit such a deed!” this commander ordered.

He wasn’t anxious but excited; it felt like he had been waiting for this moment, and he was confident in the strength of his side.

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