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Hail the King Chapter 613.1

Chapter 613: Only Ten Seconds (Part One)

Surrounding the native military force and using all sorts of method to force the native soldiers to rebel was an operation that was scheduled a while back and had been executing.

This black-armored general was named Williams, and he was a commander in Crown Prince Arshavin’s elite guard legion, [Iron Blood Legion]. He had been preparing for a few days now, and he was waiting for the native soldiers to do something unusual so that he could accuse them of committing treason.

Therefore, when Williams heard the uproar from the military campsite of the native soldiers, he got excited and ordered the messenger to inform the masters from the Imperial Knight Palace who were resided not far away. On the other hand, he led a few hundred guards and moved toward the military campsite of the native military force.

At this moment, the atmosphere in front of the gate was already intense.

Wearing black armors, the soldiers of the [Whip of the Thunder Lord], which was one of the main battle legions of Zenit, already formed three square formations. Their expressions were cold, and their spears formed metal forests, reflecting the chilly moonlight. Behind these three formations, a group of about 500 archers was already in place. Their arrows were loaded, and their bows were fully pulled and created a series of squeaking noises. If their commander gave them the order, their arrows would dash forward and devour their enemies mercilessly.

The [Whip of the Thunder Lord] was one of the ten main battle legions of the Zenit Empire, and it was one of the four main battle legions that were under Crown Prince Arshavin’s control.

It was created by Emperor Yassin when he was at his peak. Therefore, it had an honorable history, fierce combat abilities, and systematic training. Also, it just got off the frontline in the Spartax Battle Zone, and it had a ton of battle experience and morale.

All the soldiers in the [Whip of the Thunder Lord] were wearing light black metal armors. In each square formation which comprised of 100 soldiers, there was a mage who specialized in healing and another mage who mastered defensive magic spells. Didn’t matter if it came to equipment or treatment, these soldiers were several times better off compared with the native soldiers in Dual-Flags City.

After getting orders, they quickly gathered in front of the gate of the native military force’s campsite, stopping these native soldiers from getting back the corpses of their comrades.

These soldiers in this main battle legion moved in unison, and their expressions looked cold and ruthless as if they were killing machines.

On the other side, the native soldiers were rushing out of their campsite.

They were still wearing the armors that were partially-broken by the weapons of the invaders of Jax, and the shields and weapons they had in their hands were cracked and chipped from the war. As heroes who successfully fended off the enemies, their equipment didn’t even get renewed and upgraded after the war.

Faced with the elite soldiers of the [Whip of the Thunder Lord] and their sharp arrows and spears, these native soldiers showed no fear. With angry and solemn expressions on their faces, they charged out of the military campsite with their backs straightened.

They were approaching the ten wooden beams outside the campsite. On these wooden beams, there hung the corpses of their heroic comrades. These corpses swung in the chilly wind, and their eyes were wide open……

The real heroes were unwilling to close their eyes when they were treated like this!

“Native soldiers of Dual-Flags City, listen up! Drop your weapons immediately and strip off your armors! Then, put your hands on your heads and squat down! What you are doing is equivalent to committing treason! If you get any closer, you will be killed on the spot! Right now, only the commanders will be held accountable for this rebellion; the regular soldiers aren’t guilty!”

A voice that was empowered by warrior energy sounded from behind the soldiers of the [Whip of the Thunder Lord].

As loud clip-clop noises appeared, the black armored soldiers moved to the two sides in coordination and created a path. Then, William, who was wearing the armor of a high-level commander of the [Iron Blood Legion] dashed over with his 200 guards on their horses.

The atmosphere instantly tensed up even more.

As his red warrior energy flame burned around him, Williams who was a Five-Star Warrior looked like a demon in the night. He looked around viciously, smiled excitedly, and mocked in a murderous and cruel tone, “Humph! A bunch of damn bandits who ditched the honor of soldiers! You finally couldn’t help but commit treason? Crown Prince His Highness already expected this! He knew that you bunch of useless bugs could only waste the money of the empire and are up to no good! What? Why aren’t you dropping your weapons? Do you really think that you can fight against Zenit’s God of War himself?”

Tink! Tink! Tink!!!

In accordance with Williams’ angry shout, the soldiers of the [Whip of the Thunder Lord] knocked their weapons against their metal armors, and a vast yet murderous aura instantly crashed toward the native soldiers of Dual-Flags City!

A mocking smile appeared on Williams’ face as he thought, “These useless soldiers dare to rival against one of the ten main battle legions of the empire? The elite soldiers of the [Whip of the Thunder Lord] got personally trained by Crown Prince His Majesty! They could crush these weak bugs using their auras, let alone actual battle!”

However, the mocking smile soon froze on his face.

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