Chapter 613: Only Ten Seconds (Part Two)

Williams saw something unimaginable! The useless soldiers in his eyes didn’t collapse when experiencing the pressure coming from the [Whip of the Thunder Lord]. Instead, they unleashed a more powerful strike using their auras. They didn’t knock their weapons against their armors, and they didn’t even make a sound. They only stared forward with their angry eyes, and their straightened bodies unleashed auras that even made the elite soldiers of the most powerful legion, Crown Prince Arshavin’s [Iron Blood Legion], sense a chill.

“A weak and remote legion near the border shouldn’t be this powerful, but why…… Could it be……” Walliams thought of one possibility. This weak and remote legion was under the command of that person who even made the Crown Prince Arshavin concerned. Although that person only commanded this legion for a few months, it was enough to turn a legion around.

“Is that little king of the little affiliated kingdom that terrifying?” Williams thought.

As soon as he realized that something was off, he didn’t hesitate to draw out his sword and slash it forward.


His fire-elemental warrior energy dashed out like a poisonous snake and drew a long line on the ground; this line was about half a meter deep in between the two opposing groups. The fire continued to burn around this line, and it even turned the sky a little red. This advanced combat technique was enough to prove the strength of Williams, a high-level commander in the [Iron Blood Legion].

In the native military force, no soldier or commander was powerful enough to deal with him.

“Listen up, you mixed, weak soldiers! If you dare to cross this line of fire, you will be killed with arrows! After you die, you would still be convicted of treason, and your family members and friends will be executed as well! The corpses on these ten wooden beams are the examples!” Williams shouted as he slowly raised the sword in his hand.

He already planned ahead. If anyone dared to move forward and cross that line, he was going to order the archers to shoot. The archers were all equipped with penetration arrows, and they could break through the warrior energy flames and tempered bodies of One-Star Warriors. He wanted to kill a group of offenders to establish his authority and dominance.

At this moment, a crisp and loud voice sounded, “Such power! This is the military campsite of the native soldiers, and it isn’t war time. Why couldn’t these soldiers leave the camp?”

As this voice sounded, a handsome figure appeared, crossed that line, and walked toward Williams.


Williams was shocked, and he pointed his sword forward subconsciously.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

A series of bowstring vibration noises and air-piercing noises sounded instantly almost at the same time, and they were like the vicious laughter of the Grim Reaper and the cheers of devils.

These arrows shot over the soldiers of the [Whip of the Thunder Lord] and dashed toward the native soldiers of Dual-Flags City mercilessly!

The Grim Reaper opened its arms and was ready to embrace!

All the native soldiers raised their shields above them and their comrades subconsciously, and their battle instinct made them bend their knees and decrease the exposed surface of their bodies. They were trying their best to dodge the arrows that were coming at them, and they were ready to charge forward and battle.

However, what happened next made everyone open their eyes wide and gap! It felt like they all saw an undead creature in the middle of the day.

Those penetration arrows that could break the bodies of One-Star Warriors accelerated once they passed the peak of their trajectory, but they all suddenly slowed down like snails that got into a swamp, and they all stopped ten meters off the ground.

It was a stunning scene.

The tips of these penetration arrows reflected the chilly moonlight, and the white feather fletching shivered violently. As if the wicked smile froze on the Grim Reaper’s face, these arrows couldn’t move forward by a little bit.

Even the elite soldiers and commanders of the [Whip of the Thunder Lord], which was one of the ten main battle legions of Zenit, gasped and almost dropped their weapons.

As soon as Williams saw this person’s face, his body silvered rapidly as if a bolt of lightning was passing through it. He instantly thought of a name, and he yelled out in surprise, “King of Chambord? You are King Alexander of Chambord!?? You…… why are you here?”

“I don’t want to attack the soldiers of the empire, unlike that prince who likes to do things that bring his friends pain but his enemies joy. In ten seconds, move 1,000 meters away from the military campsite of the native soldiers and hand over the criminals who killed these heroic warriors!” Fei said loudly as he pointed at the corpses that were hung on the wooden beams.

Before he finished, tinkling noises sounded all over.

Those arrows that were frozen in mid-air all dropped onto the ground and piled up into a small mountain.

Fei stood in front of the military campsite in his white robe and golden belt. The nightly wind fluttered his long hair, and his eyes shone brightly under the moonlight. He had a majestic aura and chilling confidence, shocking Williams who was on his horse.

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