Chapter 614: You Talk Too Much (Part One)

Williams wanted to talk back subconsciously by saying things like ‘you are only the king of a little affiliated kingdom, and you aren’t even a character in the empire’ to get control in this situation and boost the morale of the soldiers.

However, when he looked up at King Alexander of Chambord’s majestic figure and saw the pair of shiny eyes that contained terrifying flames of anger, he felt an unprecedented sense of fear in his mind. At that moment, he felt like his mouth was dry. He opened his mouth, but no sound came out.

Also, the soldiers of the [Whip of the Thunder Lord], who were used to seeing death and only had coldness in their eyes, were all surprised as well.

They were one of the most elite groups of soldiers in Zenit, and they had been in battle many times and were sensitive to danger and murderous spirits. At this moment, they felt like a red sea of murderous spirit was rushing toward them, trying to envelop and drown them. They felt like they weren’t facing one person but instead an unlimited number of powerful enemies. All these soldiers felt powerless and unable to win this battle.

“You…… You…… King of Chambord…… You, why you…… Why are you here?” After a while of silence, Williams sat on his horse stiffly, swallowed his saliva, and stuttered. He lost his arrogance, and he licked his dry lips continuously as he didn’t know what to do.

He suddenly realized that there was a group of people who could let their enemies know how powerful they were by simple meeting before battle.

Undoubtedly, the King of Chambord was in this group.

In reality, as a henchman of Crown Prince Arshavin and an elite commander of the [Iron Blood Legion], he had high pride. Even though he heard a lot about the King of Chambord, he disregarded those stories and didn’t believe any of them. He said to his peers many times that he would play with this little king until the latter lost a layer of skin, and he was planning to use the King of Chambord as a stepping stone to get to a higher position in the military.

However, after meeting this young king for the first time, Williams finally realized how wrong he was and how ridiculous his claims were.

At this moment, the fear instantly crushed his plans, and all his courage went away like flying dust. Under the stare of the King of Chambord, he couldn’t even calm down and put a full sentence together.

On the other side, that handsome figure stood under the moonlight and appeared like a lonely god who could only be looked up to.

After Williams asked his question, Fei didn’t look at him and wasn’t caring enough to answer him.

Fei only lightly waved his hand.


Tens of thousands of native soldiers roared as anger jetted out of their eyes.

Like lava that had been suppressed underground for many years and finally broke through all barriers in a volcano, the anger of the soldier was released, and its power almost shattered the stars in the sky.



The native soldiers shouted in unison and counted the time that Fei gave out.

These roars were like heavy hammers, and they were smashing on the hearts of the elite soldiers of the [Whip of the Thunder Lord]. For the first time, these elite soldiers from the main battle legions sensed the power that was coming from the weak soldiers of this remote legion whom they looked down upon. At the moment, they were sensing an aura that was far beyond the power that sharp weapons and solid armors could bring.

These roars also created a ton of pressure for Williams. His face paled, and his expression looked a little anxious.

He didn’t dare to order the soldiers of the [Whip of the Thunder Lord] to back off.

If he did that, then all the effort that was put into this operation would be wasted, and he could be the target for Crown Prince Arshavin’s anger and become an unfortunate scapegoat.

However, he also didn’t dare to ignore the King of Chambord’s warning and not back off.

Everyone in the empire knew how ruthless and dominating the [Sky Covering Fist] King of Chambord was. He defeated the powerful Executive Knights of the Imperial Knight Palace, and the ghosts of the leaders of the top seven noble families at Dual-Flags City hadn’t traveled far yet. If he didn’t pull the soldiers back after ten seconds, Williams was sure that the King of Chambord would attack him……

“To this barbaric king, is there a difference between killing me and killing an animal?” he thought.

“I should have hidden in the camp and waited for Mr. Mathewson to come and handle this. Now, it is like I’m like riding a tiger; it is hard to get off this position!”

Big drops of sweat appeared on Williams’ forehead and back, and the huge pressure turned him into an ant in a hot pan, anxious but didn’t know what to do. Right now, he felt like the easier way out was for him to cut his throat with his own blade and commit suicide.

As Williams was extremely anxious and was about to faint, a thunder-like shout sounded behind him, “How dare you! There are only tens of thousands of weak soldiers! Are you all trying to rebel and commit treason?”

This loud voice even overpowered the counting of the time that was coming from tens of thousands of soldiers.

Three bright lights flew over, and a vast amount of warrior energy fluctuation appeared. As warrior energy flames shone brightly, three powerful figures appeared in between the native soldiers of Dual-Flags City and the elite soldiers of the [Whip of the Thunder Lord].

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