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Hail the King Chapter 614.2

Chapter 614: You Talk Too Much (Part Two)

“The masters from the Imperial Knight Palace! They are finally here……”

As if his saviors arrived, Walliams exhaled deeply when he saw these three people, and all the pressure on his shoulders was gone. He was drenched entirely by his sweat as if he just got out of a pool, and he collapsed onto the back of his horse as if he just woke up from a nightmare.

“Sir, these native soldiers are trying to rebel! Please take care of them! I will go report to Envoy Mathewson and make sure that the military merits fall on you guys!”

Williams rolled his eyes and came up with a good excuse. Then, he instantly dashed away with his 200 guards quickly on their mounts, disappearing from this area.

“Sir, should we chase?” Gago and the other commanders asked Fei anxiously when they saw this scene. They were afraid that this commotion might attract too much attention. If the news got out, and they couldn’t complete a fast raid, Special Envoy Mathewson and Mayor Soroyov might increase the defense level, and it would be hard to rescue Ribry.

“Don’t worry.” A calm smile appeared on Fei’s face, and he lightly waved his hand.

From this movement, Gago and the other commanders knew that King Alexander already planned ahead, and they were a lot more confident.

On the other side, the three masters from the Imperial Knight Palace unleashed their surging energies.

They were all wearing long black robes instead of armors, and it looked like they were in their fifties. Their eyes looked cold without any human emotions, and they glanced around like gods who were inspecting mortals. As they scanned through the native soldiers of Dual-Flags City, their eyes landed on the people in front including Fei and Gago.

They instantly knew that these people were the leaders of this rebellion.

Gago and the other commanders only had Three-Star and Four-Star warrior energy fluctuations on them, which were weak in these three people’s eyes. They didn’t sense any warrior energy or magic energy fluctuations on Fei, so they assumed that he was only a military advisor.

“You ignorant idiots! You guys in the front, destroy your star swirls and energy channels and kneel to receive your punishment. Other soldiers, drop your weapons and get back into the military campsite. Otherwise, the Imperial Knight Palace will use its power of executing before reporting that is granted by Emperor Yassin, and we will wipe out all the native soldiers!” One of the three masters said coldly. He was thin and tall, and his long hair and robe were fluttering even though there was no wind at the moment.

Imperial Knight Palace!!!

The pressure these three words carried was paramount! The prestige of this organization was undeniable, and the native soldiers had a hard time breathing.

The anger gave them the power and courage to stand up against elite battle legions such as the [Whip of the Thunder Lord]. But now faced with masters from this most terrifying organization in the empire, some native soldiers finally got a little scared.

Even the commanders such as Gago changed expressions.

“The strengths of these three masters are far beyond our expectations. If King Alexander didn’t suddenly show up, our previous plan couldn’t be executed at all! In reality, we would be captured instantly, and doom would……” the commanders who were scheming against Special Envoy Mathewson and Mayor Soroyov were all drenched in cold sweat now.

At this moment, everyone was looking at Fei.

“Keep counting! There are still three seconds left!”

Fei’s order strengthened the soldiers and commanders’ will. As if his voice contained unique magic, all the nervousness and fear in their minds were instantly wiped out.

“Three……!!!!!!” the soldiers roared.

“You…… Eh? You are…… King Alexander of Chambord?” that master who spoke was infuriated when he was completely ignored. He frowned, and a powerful aura instantly rushed out of his body.

However, he suddenly thought of something and laughed, “I recognize you now! You are the King of Chambord? King Alexander of Chambord? Great! Nice! I was planning to go to Chambord to find you, a reckless savage, but you came to me yourself!”

Fei ignored him completely.

“Two……!!!!!!!!” the native soldiers of Dual-Flags City were still counting down.

“Do you know who we are?” The three masters from the Imperial Knight Palace all got excited after recognizing Fei. This thin and tall master licked his lips and continued to laugh, “Little b*stard! Don’t think that there are only ten Executive Knights in the Imperial Knight Palace! Hahaha, out of the ten, four of them are my disciples! I’m Sopros, one of the five Judgment Knights who is above the Executive Knights! Haha, what a surprise! I will capture you, the b*stard who dared to provoke the Imperial Knight Palace, and restore the prestige of our organization!”

“One……!!!!” the countdown ended.

Fei who was silent all this time suddenly looked up and said impatiently, “You talk too much. What Judgment Knights? You are all trash in my eyes!”

Before he finished, he lightly flicked his finger.

A silver sword energy suddenly lit up the sky like a firework and quickly disappeared.

“You….. eh…… so fast…… Such a fast sword energy…… Puff!!!!!!”

Before this thin and tall master could react, his body was instantly pierced by this sword energy.

The joy on his face suddenly turned to shock, and then fear took over. For a moment, all sorts of negative emotions displayed on his face.

He opened his mouth again and tried to say something, but his body suddenly shivered.

Bam! Like a watermelon that got hit by a huge hammer, it exploded!

His flesh and chipped bones flew in all directions.

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