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Hail the King Chapter 615.1

Chapter 615: Merciless (Part One)

Everyone who was in the area was stunned! Their brains went blank, and they couldn’t believe what they saw!

The scene they saw was unimaginable!

Instant kill!

It was an instant kill!

This master said that he was one of the five Judgment Knight, and it sounded impressive. Also, the power that he demonstrated beforehand was mighty as well. However, he didn’t even have the chance to resist! He got killed just like a chicken, and the King of Chambord only lightly flickered his finger!

Killing a powerful master with only the flicking of a finger!

This level of power was insane! Right now, Fei was like a god in the eyes of the soldiers, both the ones in the native military force of Dual-Flags City as well as the ones of the [Whip of the Thunder Lord].

The people who were shocked the most were commanders such as Gago. They all had strengths around Three-Star and Four-Star, so they could see more things than ordinary soldiers. They could tell that the thin and tall master, who was a Judgment Knight, was at least a Seven-Star Warrior.

“Masters who are on that level are at the top of the pyramid at Zenit, but he got instantly killed by King Alexander His Majesty…… Just how powerful is His Majesty right now?” people like Gago thought.

Standing on the other side, the other two masters shivered as some of the flesh of that thin and tall master got on them.

“You…… You killed him. Do you know what you are doing? Idiotic little king, the person you killed is an honorable master in the Imperial Knight Palace! Even the princes of Zenit have to greet him when seeing him……” The short and chubby master who was standing to the right pointed at Fei and screamed, “You are done! Even the gods couldn’t save you! Killing a Judgment Knight of the Imperial Knight Palace is equal to committing treason! Your Chambord is done! All of you here…… All of you will be killed! I….. I need to go back and report to Emperor Yassin His Majesty, and the empire will wipe out the entire Chambord Kingdom……”

This master finally woke up from the initial shock, and he sounded like a duck that got its neck clenched.

“Stop making noises!”

Fei bent the index finger on his right hand and flicked it.


The same silver sword energy appeared like a firework, and it flew across the sky.

This short and chubby master from the Imperial Knight Palace suddenly realized something, and his body stiffed up. The anger and surprise in his eyes turned into fear, and he realized that the person in front of him wasn’t the king of a little affiliated kingdom but a ruthless and mighty warrior! His habit of talking from a superior and arrogant position made him threaten such as powerful individual subconsciously!

Regret instantly filled his mind, but it was too late!


The same explosion noise sounded; he wasn’t any luckier.

Like a balloon that got blown too much, this short and chubby master of the Imperial Knight Palace exploded, and his flesh and chipped bones also flew in all directions. The last master from the Imperial Knight Palace, as well as the soldiers of the [Whip of the Thunder Lord] who were close by, felt a warm and moist sensation on their faces and hands.

“I will repeat it! Back off immediately, or…… Don’t force me to kill again!”

Currently, Fei was in a murderous state, and he had a hard time of keeping his murderous spirit in check. The red murderous spirit started to condense and surround him, making him look like a devil from hell.

All of this was a trap set up by Crown Prince Arshavin, and he was trying to use the majesty of the royal family to pressure and provoke Fei.

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