Chapter 615: Merciless (Part Two)

At this stage, Fei could no longer endure it anymore, and he revealed the merciless and vicious side of him!


Only mercilessly killing could make that high-up prince realize how powerful his opponent was!

Fei didn’t kill any ordinary soldiers; soldiers had to follow orders from their superiors, and they were innocent.

However, these so-called Judgment Knights left a terrible impression on Fei’s mind. Just like those Executive Knights, they framed Fei right away and tried to arrest him. Also, they even used Chambord to threaten him. People like them could only be the lapdogs of Crown Prince Arshavin. Even though they had strength, they weren’t that beneficial to the Zenit Empire. Therefore, Fei didn’t hold back anything when dealing with them.

Fei was hitting hard! He knew that Zenit’s God of War would only be more refrained if he sensed pain and knew what he was dealing with.

What Fei said lightly sounded like thunder in the ears of the last master from the Imperial Knight Palace as well as the soldiers of the [Whip of the Thunder Lord]. Their ears and heads buzzed, and they couldn’t hold back their fear anymore.

A green warrior energy flame flashed by.

An air-piercing noise sounded, and it turned out that the last master from the Imperial Knight Palace didn’t dare to say anything and ran away.

“Legion Commander is invincible!”

“Legion Commander is god-like!”

The native soldiers and commanders all stared at Fei from the back in admiration, and they shouted and chanted those phrases subconsciously. They all felt like their blood was boiling and igniting!

“King Alexander His Majesty’s domination completely wiped away the frustration we have been feeling these days!” they thought.

In their minds, Fei was a hero who deserved absolute admiration, and some of them even worshipped him!

Fei took a step forward, and his tsunami-like aura charged forward, even shaking the ground.

The elite soldiers of the [Whip of the Thunder Lord] could no longer keep up their formations, and they scattered and fell like little boats during a hurricane. They breathed heavily and were at a loss for words.

“Retreat! Back off for 2,000 meters!!”

“Quick! Retreat! The King of Chambord is someone who we couldn’t deal with!!!”

The commanders in these formations gave up their last bit of hope. They knew that their resistance was useless. Like an ant that was trying to take down a giant tree and a mantis that was trying to stop a heavy cart, their efforts would result in nothing but death!

If they stayed any longer, more than 2,000 elite soldiers of Zenit would die for nothing. Therefore, the commanders ignored the orders from the past and told their soldiers to instantly back off.

Like a retreating tidal wave, the elite soldiers of the [Whip of the Thunder Lord] instantly went back.

They listened to what Fei said and backed off more than 2,000 meters. They gave up the monitoring of the native military force’s campsite, and they looked defeated and depressed.

Suddenly, waves of loud cheers sounded among the native soldiers.

They all wanted to throw Fei into the air.

“Go and take the corpses of the heroic warriors off the wooden beams. Dress them in the newest uniforms and help them wear the merit medals and badges. Also, send people to the military campsite on the other side and tell them to hand over the murderers of these warriors by tomorrow morning……” Fei slowly turned around and said to commanders such as Gago.

“As you wish! Sir!” They replied energetically.

With the King of Chambord supporting them, no one dared to underestimate and bully them. Even the proud commanders in the [Whip of the Thunder Lord] had to lower their heads and admit that they were in the wrong.

“Ok, the situation here is under control. You guys now can move the soldiers around and stabilize the area even more. Shoot anyone who dares to provoke or make trouble; don’t show any mercy! I will go and find Ribry, and I should be back soon.”

After saying that, Fei disappeared into the night.

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