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Hail the King Chapter 616.1

Chapter 616: I Didn’t Stain the Honor of This Medal (Part One)

-Dual-Flags City-

The Mayor’s Mansion was lit up by the lights, and it was tightly guarded.

The previous Mayor’s Mansion got blown up by [Snow Mountain Hermit] and his secret love-child, Tony.

After Fei left with the Chambordians, Special Envoy Mathewson took over and got the control of the area. As a result, Mayor Soroyov and other nobles who were suppressed by Fei were heavily favored, and they went back to power.

Soroyov ordered people to reconstruct the Mayor’s Mansion, and it was renovated well. After it became luxurious and fancy again, he moved back to the place where he lived for more than a dozen years.

Of course, he wasn’t the real ruler of the mansion. Special Envoy Mathewson and the other people sent from the Imperial Knight Palace also moved in.

In order to accommodate the group of people from St. Petersburg, a lot of things were improved.

First of all, this mansion was one of the few places in the city that were this lit in the middle of the night.

Then, there were a ton of fully armored soldiers patrolling inside and outside the mansion, and stealth magic energy fluctuations could be vaguely sensed from the hidden magic arrays. It was clear that this mansion was tightly protected, and almost nothing was able to get through.

-In the dark and gloomy basement under the Mayor’s Mansion-

This was a terrifying and chilly prison.

A series of loud and beast-like groans sounded frequently, and these horrifying noises resonated and echoed in this underground prison.

Ribry was imprisoned in a bloody cell that was deep in the prison, and it was tightly guarded. At the moment, his body was full of injuries.

As he heard those groans, he knew that the prisoners were being tortured to an extreme degree. After all, these groans and screams didn’t sound like they came from humans.

In the last three days, Ribry was interrogated and beaten in this prison. Even though he was injured, was suffering from a lot of pain, and looked exhausted, his eagle-like eyes that were under the huge scar on his forehead were bright and shone in the dark.

In a bigger cell on the other side, there was a young man who was wearing the uniform of the native military force; he was one of Ribry’s guards.

Three days ago, Ribry and his 20 guards were tricked into the Mayor’s Mansion, and they were all captured by Mayor Soroyov and Special Envoy Mathewson. Ribry was locked up inside this smaller cell, and his 20 guards were imprisoned inside the larger cell on the other side.

In these three days, Ribry was interrogated and beaten, but those 20 guards didn’t go through anything similar surprisingly.

However, starting yesterday, warders came about every two hours and took away a guard, and these guards never returned. Now, this guard who was in the other cell was the last person there, and he and Ribry looked at each other and encouraged themselves.

Although Ribry didn’t know what happened to those 19 guards, since Mathewson and Soroyov were behind all this, he guessed that those guards who were like his brothers were probably dead by now.

As he thought about that, Ribry sensed a lot of mental pain and regretted his carelessness.

“It is all my fault! I overestimated these b*stards’ conscience, and I put all 20 of my comrades in danger! What is the situation with tens of thousands of native soldiers? With commanders such as Gago who are brave and smart, they should be ok, right?”

In this terrible situation, Ribry could only use optimistic guesses to comfort himself.

“Sir….. Sir……” The last guard saw Ribry’s expression, and he lightly asked, “Sir, are you ok?”

This guard was a good-looking young man, and he was only 19 years old. Even though he was young, he was brave and clever. He was an orphan, and his performance was splendid after he joined the military. Ribry specifically picked this young man to be his guard, and this young man didn’t disappoint him. In the war that just ended not long ago, he was one of the 20 heroic soldiers who was praised by King Alexander of Chambord and rewarded with medals.

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