Chapter 617: Strange Situation (Part One)

Ribry didn’t resist at all. Instead, he saved his energy and followed Soroyov and the soldiers out of this prison.

The underground tunnel was cold and moist, and it felt terrifying. When observing closer, one could see the dark spots on the walls and smell the stinky odor. These dark spots were all spilled blood, and they dried onto the wall with time.

After a long while, the all the walls were covered by blood and turned into a dark, brown color. The more ancient the blood drops were, and darker the color was.

Who knew how many people were killed in this prison for the tunnel to turn to this color.

It was no different to hell.

“Hehe, Mr. Ribry, now looking back, it seems like we have worked together for more than a dozen years. Our relationship was steady and stable for many years, but why did you flip out on me as soon as that King of Chambord got here? Why did you place the butcher knives on the neck of your old friends? Switching to that damn idiotic king’s side instantly? You were so cruel……” Soroyov mocked Ribry with a confident smile on his face. It felt like he was in control of the entire situation.

Ribry looked up at him and said in a low voice, “I regret it now. I regret not convincing King Alexander His Majesty to kill you, the old fat dog who is always up to no good!”

Anger instantly appeared on Soroyov’s face, but a series of laughter quickly sounded.

“Why? That idiotic little king is going to be killed by Crown Prince His Highness sooner or later. Humph! That Alexander needs to take a good look at himself! How dare he go against the will of Arshavin His Highness? If you are still going to be on his side, you will be killed easily. Since we were once friends and worked together well, I will give you one last opportunity. If you just report the crime that the King of Chambord committed, which is treason, I will convince Mr. Mathewson to let you live.” Mayor Soroyov tried to get Ribry to jump ship.

“Ha! Mr. Alexander is a powerful master! No one could do anything to him! Old fat dog, although I, Ribry, am not a hero, I’m not a loser who would wriggle his tail at his master to please him!”

“You……” Soroyov finally could no longer hold his anger in and keep up the proper noble-like behavior.

As a vicious expression appeared on his face, he patted and rubbed Ribry’s back, which was full of injuries, forcefully until streaks of blood flowed out of the newly-formed scars. Until expressions of pain appeared on Ribry’s face, Soroyov shouted, “Ok, you dumb f*ck! Just wait for your death! Soon, you will want your death, just like your 20 guards!”

Ribry’s face changed color. He asked anxiously, “What did you guys do to my brothers?”

Fear suddenly appeared in Soroyov’s squinted eyes as if he thought of something terrifying. Then, he laughed cruelly, “Don’t worry; you will soon find out.”

After walking for about ten minutes and making a lot of turns, they finally got out of the underground prison and arrived at an even more well-hidden space.

This was a gloomy stone palace.

There were fully armed soldiers standing on the two sides of the palace and corridors, and they looked around with awareness.

Also, the well-hidden magic energy fluctuations told the powerful masters that magic traps were everywhere.

Without changing his expression, Ribry secretly memorized the path that they took to get here, and he also remembered all the locations of the structures and forked road. Too bad that his warrior energy was ruined. Otherwise, he might have a chance at getting away.

After walking into the palace, they continued deeper into the building on a red carpet.

After another ten minutes, the view in front of them brightened up.

This was Ribry’s first time being here after being captured three days ago.

This palace was well lit, and a faint sweet yet oily smell attacked people’s noses; it didn’t fit the description of a bloody torture hall where there were a ton of bloody metal tools. Instead, this hall looked peaceful and calm.

There were gilded decorations pieces, long cow horns, and dried deer skulls around, and a screen that had a scene from a war engraved on it divided the palace into two sections.

Also, ten white-dressed maids were waiting quietly before the screen.

In the front half of the palace, there were stone benches, and there stood 20 commanders who were in black metal armors. They were all around the strength of Three-Star and Four Star, and they looked at Ribry with sympathetic looks despite their fierce auras.

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