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Hail the King Chapter 617.2

Chapter 617: Strange Situation (Part Two)

Right in front of the screen, there was a set of stone table and chairs.

Ribry looked at the person who was sitting in the middle of the stone table, and it was Special Envoy Mathewson.

This was a burly, dark-skinned, mid-aged man who had an upturned nose and bell-like round eyes. As all the hair on him stood straight, an intense murderous spirit enveloped him. Currently, he was dressed in a black robe, and he was looking down at Ribry pitifully as a cruel smile appeared on his face.

“Crown Prince His Highness treasures your talent, and he doesn’t want to kill you. Therefore, I will give you the last chance. Are you willing to talk?” Mathewson opened his mouth, and his chilly voice decreased the temperature in the palace by several degrees.

“Humph!” Ribry knew what these people wanted to hear, so he only snorted.

“Ok, you are seeking death.” Mathewson turned around and said to a triangular-eyed old man who had a goatee and looked like was in his fifties, “Since this is the case, then please do what you need to do, Mr. Alpha.”

It seemed like this old man was on the same level as Mathewson, and he had been looking at Ribry with a strange expression on his face since Ribry walked in.

This goateed old man named Alpha nodded.

Then, two water-elemental mages stepped forward and chanted a spell. As they waved their hands, two beams of blue energy flames landed on Ribry. A series of numbing and comfortable sensations appeared, and all the pain that Ribry was feeling was gone since all the injuries on his body that were left after the interrogations were healed.

Ribry was surprised; he didn’t know why his enemies were healing him.

With a cruel expression on his face, this goateed, triangular-eyed old man took out a green bottle out of his sleeve, weighed it in his hand, and said with a pitiful tone, “This is a purple-colored god-tier potion. The King of Chambord calls it [Full Rejuvenation Potion], and he offered the formula to Crown Prince His Highness. The royal potion masters successfully created it, and its effect is miraculous. It can help you reform the star swirls and recover the energy channels……”

After saying that, he threw this little bottle to Ribry.

“Drink it; your strength will come back.”

Ribry caught the bottle, took off the lid, and smelled it.

“It is Mr. Alexander’s [Full Rejuvenation Potion]!” he thought. He had seen this miraculous potion a month ago when Fei used it during battle, and it was a god-tier potion that could even save people from death.

Although he didn’t know what trick this old man was playing, Ribry didn’t hesitate and drank the whole thing.

Instantly, he felt streaks of heated energy rushing in his body. He clearly sensed the rapid recovery of his broken energy channels, and the shattered star swirls were quickly reappearing like candles that were lit again. Soon, the warrior energy started to circulate in Ribry’s body, and the green warrior energy flame on his body got brighter and brighter. His strength only stopped growing when it reached peak Five-Star.

He completely recovered!

As he sensed the long-lost power in his body, Ribry clenched his fist and felt in control once again. He was tricked three days ago, and he drank poisoned tea and lost his combat abilities…… This time……

He looked up, and his eyes shone brightly; he didn’t hide his murderous spirit.

As he unleashed his full strength, he created many dashes of wind in the palace. With his eyes locked onto Special Envoy Mathewson, he walked forward and asked by emphasizing each word, “B*stard, tell me where my brothers are at!”

“Haha! Hahahahaha! Hahahahaha! Don’t worry, you will soon understand.” Mathewson sensed the confidence and battle-hungriness in Ribry who recovered his strength, but this special envoy just laughed as if he heard the funniest joke. His laughter was filled with mockery and disdain.

That goateed, triangular-eyed old man also had excitement and cruelty on his face at this moment.

Suddenly, Ribry discovered that this old man only had one ear. However, that didn’t seem relevant in this situation.

“I need to capture their leader! I will control this Mathewson first and force them to hand over my 20 brothers…… They better be fine…… Otherwise……” Ribry looked around and thought, “If they are no longer alive, I will kill everyone at this Mayor’s Mansion as well as the nobles in the city to avenge for them!”

Ribry made up his mind.

As he roared and was about to dash forward, he suddenly heard a burst of ear-piercing laughter coming from behind the screen, “Haha! Success! Next!”

That voice resonated in the stone palace.

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