Chapter 618: Map, Skin, Master, Anger (Part One)

(Warning: Content may be too graphic; read at your own risk.)

As this voice appeared, an insane amount of pressure popped up and crashed down at Ribry who was about to make a move through the screen.

“This……” Ribry felt like he was stuck inside a swamp and had a hard time moving.

A master!

An absolute master!

This master was able to suppress Ribry who was a peak Five-Star Warrior, making him lose the ability to fight back. Right now, Ribry felt weaker than before when his star swirls and energy channels were damaged and broke. After being targeted by this pressure, Ribry felt like he was a puppet on a string. He couldn’t move any of his body parts unless that mysterious master allowed it.

“Bring him here……” that voice said. It sounded like two rusty butcher cleavers grinding against each other, and it made people wanting to throw up.

Just hearing it for the first time, Ribry felt a tremendous amount of fear on his mind.

After that voice appeared, two fully armed soldiers walked out and captured Ribry again. Then, they walked around the maids in white dresses and went behind the screen.

Even though Ribry was much more powerful than those two soldiers, he was targeted by that mysterious master’s aura, and he couldn’t do anything.

After passing by the screen and a layer of thin magic sphere, an intense, bloody smell rushed at Ribry’s face.

The back of the palace was a mysterious place, and the most eye-catching thing was a huge map that was made from an unknown material. It looked smooth, exquisite, and sturdy, and it had a white glare to it; it was of top material.

On this map, there were many trees, mountains, and forests, and there were also a lot of red marks that pointed out the cities and military fortresses.

Ribry was a military commander, and he instantly identified that this map drew out the territories of Zenit, Spartax, and Eindhoven. The cities and fortresses were the most important places of the three empires.

In front of this very detailed military map, there was a man in red.

He had long black hair that reached his waist, and he was wearing a bloody-red loose robe. At the moment, he was standing on a thick, soft rug barefooted, and he was looking at this military map as if he was appreciating the most precious treasure in the world.

Ribry’s pupil instantly contracted.

He sensed a huge amount of murderous spirit from this man.

Of course, that pressure and aura he felt outside the screen were from this man.

This man was definitely a Moon-Class Elite, and he was a terrifying killer who had taken the lives of numerous people.

“Look, isn’t this map perfect?” this black-haired man in red turned around and asked Ribry.

Now, Ribry finally saw this man’s face.

It was a hideous face.

There were many small dark-red pits on his face, and it looked like his face got burned. His facial features weren’t clear; everything except his eyes felt like they were smudged together. However, even though his eyes were bright, when people observed carefully, they would be scared by the dangerous and crazy lights.

Ribry had a steady and strong mind, but he got a little scared when he saw this man’s face at first.

This ugly man in red noticed Ribry’s expression, but it didn’t seem like he cared. He pointed at the military map in front of him and asked, “What? You got scared? I apologize for that…… Look at this map, what do you think?”

“It is…… quite perfect.” Ribry nodded; he wasn’t trying to flatter this man.

In fact, didn’t matter if it were the material used or the drawing technique, they were all top-tier. This could be considered a masterpiece.

“Yeah, but unfortunately, this map isn’t completed. It is missing a part……” this ugly man in red murmured to himself.

Ribry focused on this map and saw a hole in it. For some reason, there was a square hole that was about 40 centimeters on each side in the middle of the map. It was supposed to be where St. Petersburg was, and it felt like someone cut it out on purpose, making it no longer perfect.

“General Ribry, I asked you here to help me complete this map.” This ugly man in red turned around and looked at Ribry with crazy eyes.

“I can help you?” Ribry was confused.

“Hahaha, for sure! It depends on if you are willing to help. I used three days to gather all the materials, and I personally did the drawings. Now, it is only one step away from perfection. I need one thing from you to complete this map. Ahahahaha!” This ugly man in red suddenly started laughing.

Ribry was in complete bafflement.

At this moment, he suddenly heard a deep and hoarse cry. It sounded like the sad cry of a dying beast, and it was bone-chilling as if it was the background music in hell.

Ribry turned his head and looked in the direction of that voice.

He was stunned!

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