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Hail the King Chapter 618.2

Chapter 618: Map, Skin, Master, Anger (Part Two)

(Warning: Content may be too graphic; read at your own risk.)

There was a pile of flesh-like thing crawling at a far corner of the rug, and it was slightly shaking with blood gushing out of it, staining the rug under it. That bone-chilling cry came from it.

A terrible feeling appeared in Ribry’s head.

He took a closer look and suddenly discovered something. His body trembled, and this man, who never cried even though he was put through some inhumane tortures, had tears rolling down his face.

“Arthur, is it you? Is it you, Arthur……” Ribry asked in a shaky voice.

At this moment, he felt like even his soul was shattering and breaking.

This pile of flesh was the young man who was pulled from that gloomy prison two hours ago. He never forgot his honor, and he gave his medal to Ribry for safekeeping. He was 19 years old, and his name was Arthur.

Two hours ago, he was still a young man who was attracted to the hopes of life.

But now, he was like a beast, crawling on the ground. His flesh was exposed, and blood was running out of his body. Ribry only recognized this young guard through the familiar eyes, and he could never forget the pain that was expressed through them.

This young man got skinned completely while he was still alive!

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Ribry had never cried in his life so far, but tears rolled down his face uncontrollably. Even though he completely recovered, he felt like he was the one who was skinned. His eyes turned bright red, and he felt like his body was going to explode as if it was enveloped by lava.

“B-----d…… You animal……” Ribry was never this angry before, and he felt like his cussing and swearing were so weak.

He suddenly understood everything.

A sinful act!

Human skin!

The beautiful military map of the three empires was made from special-treated human skin, and the skin was from…… his 20 guards!

In the last while, one of his guards was taken out of the prison cell every two hours. Then, they were probably skinned alive, and their skin was used for the making of this map.

It was…… unforgivable!

Ribry struggled intensely and wanted to break free. He wanted to kill this man in front of him and put an end to all of this…… He also wanted to end the life of that young man to end his suffering…… Unfortunately, he couldn’t do any of that.

The ugly man in red in front of him locked him down, and the drastic difference in strength didn’t allow him to do anything.

“Too bad that you have a huge scar on your forehead, and that part couldn’t be used. However, I already gathered 20 sheets of human skin, and I don’t need the skin on your face. Congratulations, because of this scar, you will get to keep the skin on your head!” this ugly man in red said as he looked at Ribry as if he was looking at a pig in a slaughterhouse.

“Why? Why are you so cruel? They are the most loyal warriors of the empire. Why do you have to torture them like this?” Ribry stared at this ugly man in red with furious eyes and asked.

“Hahaha, only the skin of warriors is tight and firm enough to make the perfect human-skin map. Hahaha, you don’t understand. When you are being skinned alive, your body will tighten due to the pain and fear. The human skin in that condition has the most cluster…… Therefore, skinning humans is an art. You got to be very careful, or you would damage……”

As if this ugly man in red was in a world of his own, he completely ignored Ribry and murmured to himself.

“Why? Why do you have to do this? Why do you need this map?” Ribry continued to shout out his question; he felt like the anger in his mind could burn through everything.

“Hehe, with the skin of 21 warriors, I would be able to make the military map of the three empires. Hehe, I will give it to the great God of War, Crown Prince Arshavin His Highness. It will be a gift to him when he inherits the throne, and I’m sure he will like it……”

This ugly man in red continued to murmur to himself, and it felt like he was crazy.

“Who are you? Tell me! Who are you? I swear! I will kill you! I swear with my honor, my blood, and my soul! Even if I must become an undead creature, I will do it and kill you! Kill you!!!!!!!!!!!” Ribry also fell into a mad state.

“Oh? My name? My name is Trace, one of the guardians of the Imperial Senate. I will wait for your revenge, hehe.” As if this ugly man in red sensed the shocking anger in Ribry, his expression changed a little. Then, he laughed and said, “But before that, I will let you get a taste of my skill.”

As he said that, he flicked his finger, and a green sword energy flew toward Ribry.

A straight wound was cut from Ribry’s left shoulder to right, and it was very light; it only pierced through his skin.

Then, drips of blood appeared.

The skinning process was about to begin.

Ribry’s expression didn’t change. As he stared at this ugly man in red, who was named Trace, fiercely as if he wanted to seal this face into his soul, he said word by word, “King Alexander of Chambord will know about this, and he will avenge for us! I’m sure that you will be killed! Mr. Alexander will skin you, and he will do to you whatever you did to us!!!!!!”

“Really?” Trace locked down Ribry with his aura and shot out another green sword energy, leaving another perfect wound on Ribry’s body. Then, he said slowly, “I couldn’t wait for that to happen. Even if the King of Chambord is here, I can easily skin him. Hahaha, I’m sure the skin of a king is beautiful……”

Before he could finish, changes occurred.

“Really? You sick b*stard! I’m here; try to skin me!”

An angry and murderous voice sounded outside the Mayor’s Mansion like thunder, and a figure instantly approached at a fast speed. This figure was still quite far from the mansion in the beginning, but he was already outside this palace before he finished speaking.

At this moment, bright lights appeared in Ribry’s eyes.

The ugly man in red, Trace, was also surprised.

In front of the screen, Mayor Soroyov shouted in fear, “It…… is the King of Chambord?!!”

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