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Hail the King Chapter 619.1

Chapter 619: Let Me Handle Everything (Part One)

This power came very fast.

In an instant, shouts, screams, and explosions sounded from the outside. The ground started to shake, and everyone felt like the land underneath their feet could break and shatter at any moment. It felt like a god was arriving from heaven.

Everyone in this stone palace was stunned, and only Ribry got excited. As he locked his bloody eyes onto this ugly man in red named Trace, it felt like he wanted to devour this wicked man alive!

That young guard, who was like a pile of flesh on the ground and not too far away from Ribry, seemed to have understood something. The only part of him that looked human, which was his eyes, finally got a bright glare in them.

“What should we do? The King of Chambord is here, we……” Mayor Soroyov who was already traumatized by Fei wanted to find a place to hide subconsciously.

“What are you scared of? It is good that he got here! Today, I’m going to help Crown Prince to eliminate this burden on his mind! Hahahaha!” Instead of getting scared, this red-robbed Trace had a pleasantly surprised expression on his face.

The other person who felt the same way was the Special Envoy Mathewson.

After the initial anxiousness, this burly and vicious man calmed down and got a little joyous.

“King of Chambord, you came in just in time! Hehe, trespassing a restricted military area is strictly forbidden, and you even killed a few of my guards. That is a huge crime of its own! Today, Guardian Trace of the Senate is here, and he could kill you without reporting first! Even if Emperor Yassin learns about this later, he couldn’t penalize us! Hahaha, could it be that the gods saw how loyal I am to the Crown Prince and want to reward me with this opportunity?” Mathewson thought.

For a moment, everyone in the palace was thinking of something different.

More than a dozen military officials who were in this palace gripped their weapons tightly, and they looked in the direction of the voice with determined expressions on their faces.

There were already more than a few hundred elite soldiers gathered at the gate. They were fully armed, and they were all holding huge shields, forming an iron wall. Behind them, there were more than a dozen mages who were already chanting magic spells. A terrifying surge of magic energy appeared, freezing the air and waiting for the King of Chambord’s intrusion.

Suddenly, a series of footsteps sounded near as the ground shook.

After a short pause, the soldiers who were guarding the entrance made a small path, allowing a person to stagger into the palace.

With a terrified expression, he ran and shouted as if he encountered something impossible, “The King of Chambord is here…… He probably already killed the three Judgment Knights of the Imperial Knight Palace…… Run…… Retreat…… No one can match him…… Our intelligence report is all wrong…… Run!”

This person was the commander who just ordered the [Whip of the Thunder God] to surround the native military force’s campsite, Williams.

This ugly man in red smiled and didn’t say anything.

Mathewson instantly got mad. “Williams, what are you talking about? How dare you try to reduce our morale? Damn you……”

Before this special envoy could finish shouting, suddenly changes occurred.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

As if an intense tornado appeared in front of the gate, the hundreds of elite soldiers got blown into the air like straws, and they couldn’t do anything about it. The huge shields that each weighed about 200 kilograms were also thrown into the air like dried leaves, and they soon disappeared from people’s sights.


Clouds of dust appeared in the air, and a silver fancy sword energy shot through them.

This sword energy flashed by in a split second, and it instantly pierced through Williams who was running with a terrified face.

Williams’ body instantly froze, and his expression got even more terrible.

“No!!!!!!!” As he screamed, his body enlarged like a balloon before popping, and his flesh and bones flew in all directions!

It felt like a sinful blood flower suddenly blossomed in mid-air!

As the people in the palace were stunned by what they saw, they heard another series of footsteps.

Even though there were still clouds of dust and chaotic elemental energy in front of the gate, a tall and sharp man slowly walked passed all that, and his figure got clearer and more apparent in other’s eyes.

Even though it looked like this man was walking slowly, he was actually very fast. As if he were able to compress the ground in front of him, each time he took a step forward, his body would flash and appear dozens of meters closer!

Such power!

Even Trace, one of the guardians of the Imperial Senate, had a slightly surprised expression on his face.

“The King of Chambord is stronger than I thought……” he thought.

Even though this was the case, he still didn’t mind it too much; he had absolute confidence in himself.

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