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Hail the King Chapter 619.2

Chapter 619: Let Me Handle Everything (Part Two)

“Ah…… King of Chambord…… Alexander……” Mayor Soroyov started to shake, and the fat on his body waved non-stop.

Since the crazy wind was blowing in the palace, a lot of candle lights and fires in braziers were extinguished. It darkened quite a bit, and the figure that was slowly approaching was completely enveloped in the darkness. Only his eyes were shining like crystals, and two beams of indescribable silver light moved around as he glanced at everyone.

“Power! Terrifying!” This was the thought that appeared in everyone’s mind!

There weren’t any human emotions in this pair of eyes; there was only the endless murderous spirit. Mayor Soroyov, who understood Fei a little, knew that the King of Chambord was infuriated, and he felt an unstoppable fear gushing into his mind. Even though a powerful master like Trace was behind him, he couldn’t feel any sense of security.

At this moment, he started to regret getting involved in the plan Mathewson and others had against the King of Chambord…… It was too late now!

“King Alexander of Chambord? Let me introduce myself! I’m the Special Envoy Mathewson who was sent here by the Imperial Military Headquarters,” Mathewson said with an arrogant expression on his face, “Do you know what you are doing? You are invading my residence and have killed soldiers and commanders of the empire! This an unforgivable crime! Surrender, and I will go lightly on you!”

Even though Mathewson said this, that figure who was walking inside the palace didn’t even turn toward him, let alone responding.

Fei didn’t even look at this conceited envoy; his eyes didn’t land on him for even a second. Instead, Fei looked at Ribry as if he was asking the latter something.

“Hehe, Mr. Mathewson, it seems like this little king doesn’t like you…… Hi, little king, let me introduce myself. My name is Taylor Trace, and I’m one of the guardians of the Imperial Senate. Oh, I’m sorry. I suddenly remembered that your status and identity wouldn’t allow you to understand what the purpose of the Imperial Senate is and how important the guardians are. Let me quickly explain it. Hehe, we are influential figures who are above the law. Even if I kill a king like you, nothing will happen to me. Do you understand?”

The ugly man in red licked his lips and walked toward Fei as he said with a mockery tone.

However, this master got the same treatment as Mathewson. Fei still didn’t talk and look at him.

“Sir, is that you, Sir?” Ribry suppressed his anger momentarily and asked in a light tone.

That figure took one step forward, and the light in the palace finally shone on him. A handsome and young face appeared in everyone’s eyes; it was the King of Chambord with no doubt.

However, at this moment, the pair of eyes that were usually clear like the sky and calm like the surface of a lake was filled with murderous spirit. As if he was a berserk demon, he made others sense a terrifying and destructive aura.

“Sir, Arthur and others……” The anger on Ribry’s mind finally found a venting pathway.

“Say no more; I know everything already. Sorry, I’m late.” After Fei used his spirit energy and dashed around the city, he finally located Ribry, and he figured out what had happened.

Unfortunately, he left Chambord too late……

With a wave of his hand, a dash of purple light fell into Ribry’s hand.

“Let me handle everything. You should go and save him first,” Fei said to Ribry.

It was a bottle of real [Full Rejuvenation Potion].

“Yes, Sir!” Ribry was thrilled, and he dashed toward Arthur who only had one last breath in him.

However, after Ribry dashed forward two steps, he suddenly turned around and single-kneeled. As blood and tears rolled down his face, he said, “Sir, please forgive me for my rudeness. I never asked you for anything, but this time, my 20 brave brothers…… These monsters aren’t humans! Please accept my reckless request; please kill these devils! Let these b*stards get what they deserve!”

Fei nodded and replied earnestly, “None of them will live on.”

“Hehe, such arrogance! Little king, it seems like you don’t understand the current situation, and you don’t know who you are going up against.” A murderous expression appeared on Trace’s face as he said. Then, green warrior energy flames suddenly appeared on his body and completely enveloped him, and he floated into the air.

Staying in mid-air with no external support!

A Moon-Class Elite!

Gasps sounded in the palace, and a bright smile appeared on Mathewson’s face; he couldn’t suppress his excitement.

Also, Mayor Soroyov gaped at this sight, and he suddenly relaxed a lot more.

“A guardian of the Imperial Senate? If I’m not wrong, another person who self-proclaimed to be another guardian of the Imperial Senate sneaked into the restricted area in Chambord four days ago. I broke all the bones in his body, and he kneeled and begged me……” Fei wasn’t moved by what Trace said. As if he was looking at a clown, he shook his head and said, “What a pitiful bug! The person who doesn’t understand the situation is you!”

After that, Fei lightly reached out and grasped his hand.

An indefensible power instantly appeared.

“You…… this……” Trace who was slowing off his power in mid-air sensed a terrifying sensation, and all the hair on his body stood up at the sense of danger.

However, he didn’t have the chance to move or dodge.

In front of that force, he felt weak like a little chicken. Without having the power to fight back, he was seized in mid-air by the neck, and his ugly face turned even redder, making him look like a real monster.

He tried to fight back, but the Moon-Class strength that he was proud of was useless in front of the King of Chambord. Before he could do anything meaningful with his power, a series of explosions sounded in his body.

Screams sounded repeatedly, and the moon-shaped symbol that was projected out of his forehead, as well as his energy connections, were all destroyed!

This wasn’t a fair match!


Fei casually threw Trace, who was half-dead, onto the ground, and he glanced around at the other people inside the palace coldly.

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  1. Carlos Miguel Teixeira Ott

    For some reason reading what happened to that piece of sh*t Senate guardian made me giggle.

  2. I hope we will soon know why Arshavin is so antagonistic to Fei

  3. opils

    Quite a few things I want to say.

    Firstly, was there a need to put the disclaimer on? I mean I’d understand if pre teens are reading this but I think it was unnecessary.

    Secondly, the author is truly retarded, this crap that has happened in like the last couple of chapter could easily been halved but nooo he wants to drag it out.

    Thirdly, imagine you’re stranded in a dry hot dessert, but you only get 1 glass of water each day. That’s how this release rate feels like.
    I mean it makes sense since the chapters are dragged out and they all end in cliffs.

    • yetsiki

      Its a Chinese novel, they always drag their s--t out. Nothing new.

  4. Tototttt

    A resounding slap!

  5. Gibz

    Just enjoy the chapter. If you’re not donating then just shut up abd enjoy the free chapters.
    It’s a different story if you are a patron.

    I know how you fell though. It is so good you want more lol.

    • opils

      It seems like my point went through one ear and out the other.

      • Well, they get money for per pages or word counts so that why cn novel hv many unnecessary chapter from time to times

  6. That got my blood boiling Thanks for the chapter!

  7. OG

    Badass .Woulf have only been better if Fri said absolutely nothing the whole time.

  8. showgunite

    Let the rivers run red, let the land dry black! Bleed these mf out of existence!

  9. Kareem Hussaini

    Blood for the Blood God!
    Skulls for the Skull Throne!

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