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Hail the King Chapter 62

Chapter 62: Plans for the Future

Fei had a weird dream.

In his dream, numerous unknown enemies rushed to Chambord like a colony of bees. Although he swung and struck his Barbarian Axe madly, there were just too many enemies; there was no way for him to kill them all. Finally, he became exhausted and the enemies captured and tied him up with ropes. Afterwards, a shameless jerk mage appeared out of nowhere and roasted his butt with a fireball while giggling.

Fei struggled aggressively.

Then he woke up.

He opened his eyes; there were no enemies or mages. The truth was that he slept until noon and the hot sunlight came through the windows on the palace and shined on his naked butt……

“Damn, what’s going on? I’m sleeping naked?”

Fei’s mind suddenly cleared; all his fatigue was gone.

He rubbed the back of his head and tried to remember what had happened on the square last night after the incident. All he remembered was that he was crowded by the enthusiastic soldiers and citizens and they all offered him drinks. Fei was an open person; once he was in the mood, he would drink as much as people offered. Ultimately, he was so drunk that he couldn’t remember how he got back here and got himself into the current situation – completely naked with a rising morning wood.

Fei had the urge to act like a women who was touched by a perverted man and cover his chest and scream, “Man! I’ve suffered a big loss. Although I’m a man, I’m still a virgin……I’m not sure if anyone saw my little brother down there.”

He sat on the bed for a while and a breeze came through the window.

Fei looked around. After seeing that no one was around, he got out of bed and tiptoed to the closet to grab his clothes. He rushed to get dressed. Walking nakedly in the palace everyday might not have been a big deal as a king, but Fei didn’t have these kinds of perverted habits – However, during the process of getting dressed, he found something that puzzled him: people in this world didn’t wear pants.

Due to the lack of time and huge pressure, Fei didn’t even catch that. But after he thought about it, he realized that people dressed in the style of Ancient Europe. Most poor citizens only had a large cloth on them that was tied to them by a rope. It looked like a robe, but there was nothing inside. Some people were even naked from the waist up. Nobles and wealthy families were slightly better – they wore two pieces of cloth, but Fei didn’t know if they had any underwear on them. Fei found that he only had a triangular piece of silk cloth for his crotch. Except for that, not to mention pants, many people .didn’t even wear skirts of any type. They walked around with their thighs exposed. Only the wealthy nobles would wear “pants” similar to dresses; smaller pieces of cloth were linked together with golden strings and placed under the larger cloth, allowing for the breeze to easily reach those areas.

After he got dressed, Fei felt uncomfortable because his dong was chilly.

After some thinking, he decided to wear the leather knight armour, because least this armour guarded his dong. Although there was a lot of friction from rubbing against each other, it would protect his dong more than if it were just hanging loose.

The palace was quiet and Fei turned around and walked to a window.

It was massive – about the size of a huge door. The palace was made with piles of huge white stones; it looked very magnificent. Giant stone pillars and statues of gods stood in the room, and incredible murals occupied the walls. Giant windows were open on all four sides of the walls. Sunshine and wind easily came into the room and made Fei feel like he was merged with nature.

This world was not as polluted as Earth; the sun was bright, the grass was green and the birds flew and sung in the blue, clear sky.

Due to the terrain, the King’s Palace was higher than all the structures beside it. Standing by the window, Fei could easily view the scenery of the whole castle. After some detailed observations, Fei found out that this was a castle that was also made purely from piling huge white stones. Except for a few structures, most of the residential houses were made from huge stones. The streets were wide and open and were all layered by this unknown white stones. Ten or twenty yard (m) high statues were standing everywhere. It was the first time that Fei had time to look at his kingdom this closely. He was surprised by the clear and reasonable functionality of the region. He could vaguely distinguish the residential regions, market regions, squares, training arenas, assembly regions and ritual temples……there were even some areas for garbage disposal.

“Unbelievable! This castle feels like it was designed by someone from the modern civilized high-tech world……” Fei couldn’t help but sigh. He looked across the Zuli River and his vision landed on the boundless green plains on the south bank. Fei felt that his hypothesis of Chambord Castle hiding some secret was 99.9% true. It looked like everyone currently in Chambord were latecomers and weren’t the ones who actually built it. There was no way that with the current population size and construction abilities, the people of Chambord would be able to build such a classical fortress.

As Fei was sighing, the sweet voice of his fiancée Angela sounded.

“Alexander, you’re awake. I’ve already prepared you breakfast……Eat it while it’s still hot. After that, according to tradition, nobles and ministers will come here and give an audience to the king.” Angela was carrying a golden plate with her; on top of the plate were some fresh fruits and a cup of steaming goat milk.

Fei ate his breakfast while looking at Angela who was smiling; his mood was better than ever. He peeked at Angela’s sky-blue open neck dress and thought lewdly, “Is she wearing a bra and panties under that? For women on the Azeroth Continent, could it be that except for dresses and robes, they also only have a triangular silk cloth to cover their privates?”

“Maybe I should change the dress code for the people of Chambord. Men deserve to be able to protect their balls and women shouldn’t have to have a pair of saggy breasts!”

Fei envisioned the clothing reform in his head.



“What? Bazzer and Gill both disappeared?”

One hour later at the King’s Executive Hall, Fei sat uncomfortably on the throne clustered by two lion monsters’ statues that were on top of three yard (m) high stairs. He was surprised after he listened to Brook’s report.

“Please forgive my negligence, King Alexander, The soldiers who were monitoring Bazzer all night didn’t find anything unusual. But this morning, the head minister’s butler panicked out of the mansion and reported that Bazzer and his son disappeared during the night.

Brook lowered his head and said with a shameful expression.

Fei was a bit stunned; according to Brook’s previous descriptions, Head Minister Bazzer was an ordinary person who didn’t have any energy or magic and his son Gill was only a novice mage. They wouldn’t just suddenly disappear and escape under such close monitoring, unless……

“Brook, it’s not your fault……” Lampard who was quiet suddenly said, “If Bazzer wants to leave, no one in Chambord could stop him, even if both King Alexander and I tried to stop him together.”

Many people gasped in the hall; none of them knew why though.

“A three star warrior and a king that can kill three star warriors can’t stop a thin old man? How?”

Seeing many people staring at him with perplexed expressions, Lampard continued: “A long time ago, I discovered that for some reason, a powerful three star warrior was on Bazzer’s side and was working for him. I even battled with that mage in private, but I wasn’t able to defeat him……to a three star mage, if he wants to take two people and leave Chambord Castle without getting the soldiers’ attention, it’s too easy.”

“How is this possible?”

“A three star mage? Lord……”

“Bazzer had a mage working for him?”
“No wonder why Gill was a novice mage, so that’s why……”

“Damn Bro, that guy hid really deep.”

After hearing the number one warrior reveal this secret, many people in the hall stared at each other and their faces paled. None of them could have thought that aside from Lampard, the proud three star warrior of Chambord, there was also a three star mage hiding in the dark……It was too bad that the mage was working for Bazzer, the ambitious schemer. Otherwise, with a mage and a warrior, two three star masters could instantly raise Chambord Kingdom into a level 5 affiliated kingdom, and becoming a level 4 affiliated kingdom wasn’t a dream anymore.

However, people also instantly understood the reason that despite the fact that Bazzer abused his power and lusted over Alexander’s throne, the number one warrior who was also the best friend of the old king only protected Alexander’s life and stabilized the military, but didn’t restraint Bazzer’s behaviours. Many people were disappointed by that. Now, they have uncovered the root cause.

Fei nodded as well.

When he switched to Sorcerer Mode in the watchtower on the defensive wall, he felt a huge flux of magic power beside Bazzer and suddenly understood many of the problems. Now that Lampard confirmed this, it further supported his hypothesis. “But how did a little figure like Bazzer gain the loyalty of a powerful three star warrior?”

Fei was baffled.

“Brook, start a search throughout the entire castle to confirm that Bazzer has left and is not hiding somewhere in Chambord and conspiring against us……” Fei waved his hand and put a close to the discussion of this incident. “Also, free all the servants and slaves at Bazzer’s mansion; let them fend for themselves. The mansion and all their belongings shall become the king’s.”

After he said that, Fei sat high up on the beast throne and glanced at everyone in the Executive Hall: Pierce, Drogba, Brook, Torres, Lampard……also the old handsome Bast, and a couple highly respected and reputable elders at Chambord. These people would be the future key leaders of Chambord.

“Unfortunately, the strength of this team is too weak. I have to find ways to improve everyone’s strength……Can I find some solutions in the Diablo World?” Fei thought to himself, “Plus, reconstruction of the military and correcting the Kingdom’s laws and policies will also have to be put on the agenda. On this war-driven continent, constantly increasing our strength and power is the only way to survive.”

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