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Hail the King Chapter 620.2

Chapter 620: Experience It First-Hand (Part Two)

“The King of Chambord is a reckless individual, and he wouldn’t care about my special identity as an envoy from the Imperial Military Headquarters; he will kill me without hesitation!” he thought.

Therefore, the first thing that came to his mind was to escape.

Before he finished telling others to escape, he already unleashed his red warrior energy flames. As the mid-tier Five-Star warrior energy flames enveloped his body, he dashed toward the stone wall behind him and tried to break out.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Warrior energy flames appeared all over the place, and people started to move.

Most of the people in the palace were experienced warriors and commanders, and they instantly understood Mathewson’s meaning. They started to move in different directions and tried to distract Fei’s attention.

“Escape? Can you escape?” Fei sneered and stomped on the floor forcefully.

Everyone who was dashing out of the palace paled and fell onto the ground with no exception. As if they were severely injured, they spat out blood and were stunned; no one got out including Mathewson. The differences in strengths were beyond comprehensible!

“I said that no one could get away!” Fei’s Grim Reaper-like murmur made others feel like they were inside a freezer.

An invisible energy spread out into the area, and the entire palace was enveloped in it. No one was able to escape from it.

In front of absolute power, all schemes and plans were useless.

“No, King of Chambord, you can’t treat me like this. I’m a special envoy from the Imperial Military Headquarters, and I represent Emperor Yassin His Majesty. You can’t treat me like this……” Mathewson finally got scared. He continued to shout, “I’m wrong! I apologize! I know I’m wrong! However, everyone here is an elite in the empire, and Zenit depends on us! We are the backbone……”

“You are a b*stard! You are all b*stards! You should be killed 10,000 times, and the empire should be ashamed of you!” Fei shook his head and pointed at a location as he said earnestly, “I feel ashamed by just looking at you. They are the heroes of the empire, the real warriors and real backbones of Zenit. In front of them, elites like you make me puke!”

At where Fei was pointing, Ribry finally poured the bottle of [Full Rejuvenation Potion] into Arthur’s mouth.

This brave young guard finally recovered some of his consciousness, and the injuries on his body healed.

However, even though skin grew out and covered his body again, he didn’t have too much energy after experiencing that torturous procedure; it was something that this potion couldn’t heal up instantly.

His body shivered lightly, and his eyes looked unfocused, but excitement and hatred could still be seen in his eyes at the same time.

“Eh? You again?” Fei’s eyes stopped on the old man who had a goatee.

As a disgusted look appeared on Fei’s face, he said, “You will never change. You think you are smart, but you are only seeking your death. I already warned you once; do you really think that I don’t know what you were doing in the Capital? Did Chris Sutton send you here, or did you come here on your own?”

This old man named Alpha got one of his ears cut off by the wind Fei created when he stirred up a fight between Fei and the Golden Sun Knight, Chris Sutton, at Dual-Towers Mountain.

It was meant as a severe warning, but this man got resentful and tried to conspire against Fei even more.

At this moment, even though this old man hated Fei dearly, the fear he was feeling couldn’t be suppressed. As he looked at Fei viciously, he didn’t know if he should kneel and beg or stick up to himself; he lost all courage.

“It looks like you are here on your own. Although the Golden Sun Knight, Chris Sutton, is aggressive and arrogant, he is a real warrior and plays by the rules. However, you are like a fly; except for the dirtiness, there is nothing else about you,” Fei said lightly.

What Fei said almost made Alpha cry. He suddenly realized that the King of Chambord, who had grudges with his master, knew his master better than him…… It was ironic and sad at the same time.

Fei didn’t want to talk to this sly and vicious person anymore.


With a wave of his hand, Alpha got turned into a cloud of blood mist after the expression of regret appeared on his face.

Dashes of silver sword energies flew around and pierced into the bodies of the other enemies in the palace. As screams and groans sounded in the background, Fei turned back to Trace, the guardian of the Imperial Senate. The latter was trying his best to heal up by drinking a small bottle of potion, and he was planning to fight back.

“It looks like you enjoy skinning humans?” Fei asked him, “How about I let you experience it first-hand?”

TL Note: Hey guys, the reason why I put the graphic warning for the chapter on Monday was because it is more detailed, and it a ‘friend’ getting skinned. For this chapter, I don’t feel the need of putting it there cuz it is the enemy getting blown up. This is just my logic, feel free to disagree, lol.

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