Chapter 621: Your Turn (Part One)

As soon as Fei finished, Trace’s ugly face started to twist and turn.

His pair of eyes that had craziness in them suddenly looked scared. It was clear that this guardian of the Imperial Senate who liked skinning others wasn’t interested in experiencing it himself.

“B*stard! So you could get scared as well, huh? I thought a sick b*stard like you would enjoy going through that experience yourself.” Fei gradually approached Trace and used his words to trigger his opponent’s mind mercilessly. It was an invisible torture, and Fei wanted this b*stard to be under endless fear.

Everything was under the king’s control.

When Fei was about three meters away from Trace, a sudden change occurred.

A vicious expression suddenly replaced the fear that was on Trace’s ugly and distorted face, and he waved his hand and shot out a dash of golden sword energy. This sword energy was extremely bright like the stars, and it dashed at Fei like a meteor. Also, the power and pressure this golden sword energy emitted dropped the temperature in the palace by a dozen degrees.

Whoosh! The sword energy was shot out from a scroll, and it was aimed toward Fei’s forehead.

It was so fast that it felt like even space was being cut apart by it.

This golden sword energy was far beyond Trace’s current capabilities.

Right now, Trace had a crazy, vicious, yet proud grin on his ugly face.

The fear and the desperation he showed on his face a moment ago was all a part of his act. He wanted to fool the King of Chambord and make latter drop his guards.

At the moment that Trace thought was perfect, he unleashed his most powerful tool!

Each of the guardians of the Imperial Senate received a dash of golden sword energy that was sealed in a scroll from the great Emperor Yassin. It was for them to use when they were in life-threatening danger, and they could activate the scrolls by injected a slight amount of warrior energy or magic energy into them.

At this moment, Trace felt like he already saw the terrified expression on the King of Chambord’s face when this dash of golden sword energy was about to penetrate his head.

This sword energy was from Emperor Yassin, and it was the most powerful thing in the Zenit Empire.

Trace believed that this dash of sword energy could destroy any enemies.

However, the reality was far crueler than fantasies and dreams.

Just when the wicked smile on Trace’s face got to the brightest, a smile that was filled with mockery appeared on Fei’s face.

The king slowly reached out with two of his fingers and stopped the sword energy that represented invincibility at Zenit between them. Even though the golden sword energy shivered and tried to go forward, it wasn’t able to do so. Before it could even break the skin on the two fingers, it surrendered.

The golden energy flame started to die down, and it slowly vanished like a collapsed sand sculpture.

Trace’s eyes instantly froze and looked defeated. Then, they turned white like a fish’s eyes when it was taken out of the water.

His face got so pale that even a slight shade of red couldn’t be seen.

“Impossible! How…… how can this be? Is the King of Chambord stronger……. stronger than Emperor Yassin?”

This outcome stunned Trace, and he couldn’t believe his eyes! The king easily obliterated his ultimate trump card, and real fear swamped his mind like an endless tsunami. As a result, his body started to shiver uncontrollably.

“Idiot! You are a real idiot! Your idiocy isn’t better than your disgusting face! I already told you that I defeated another b*stard who said he was a guardian of the Imperial Senate, and you are the second one. It means that I already saw this kind of sword energy once; do you think I’m stupid enough not to have my guards up?” Fei looked down at Trace and said with a murderous tone, “What? Is that your last-ditch effort? If you don’t have any other way of fighting back, your first-hand experience is about to start now!”

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