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Hail the King Chapter 621.2

Chapter 621: Your Turn (Part Two)

The chilly words and intense murderous spirit froze Trace’s mind, and his hands shivered rapidly.

Unexpected changes occurred again.

Trace suddenly turned around and kneeled. Like Mayor Soroyov, he started kowtowing and begging anxiously as tear and snot slid down his face. “Please don’t kill me! Supreme King Alexander, you are a warrior who is well-loved by the gods! I’m willing to kiss your boots and become your humble and low servant. I’m willing to battle for you, and my Moon-Class strength can provide you with a lot of value! As long as you are willing to spare my life, your will would become my mission, and my life would be under your command!”

Fei was surprised, and a mocking smile appeared on his face again.

It was heard that the most vicious and cruel people in the world were, in fact, timid and weak on the inside, and Trace was this type of person. Even though he was a Moon-Class Elite, he rolled and kneeled on the ground and cried and begged for mercy. It was ironic that he was a guardian of the Imperial Senate.

Fei suddenly greatly disliked this so-called Imperial Senate.

“No, please! Great king, please spare me! Please use your kindness!” Trace already had an ominous feeling about everything, and fear consumed his wicked mind, causing him to kneel and beg for his life dearly.

Fei looked at this ugly man before him as a disgusted look flashed by on his face. Then, he lightly shook his head and said, “Sorry, I don’t want to show you any mercy.”

As soon as he said that, an invisible force lifted this Moon-Class Elite who was on the verge of mental collapse into the air before he could respond again. Then, something terrifying happened. Starting from his ugly face, the skin on his body started to fall bit by bit as if it was a layer of paint on the walls of an ancient building or the cracked shells of a boiled egg.

A horrifying scream instantly sounded in the palace.

Under Ribry’s assistance, Arthur finally recovered some of his energy, and tears rolled down his face.

“Waah………” As he sobbed in deep sorrow, Arthur slowly turned around and looked at the 19 skinless corpses that weren’t far from him. He couldn’t hold back the sadness anymore and cried loudly.

The revenge for his brothers finally took place!

“Lide, Guison, Jon, George, Moli…… Brothers, do you see this? Mr. Alexander avenged for us! That villain received his fair punishment…… Brothers, you…… you guys…… rest in peace!”

Arthur’s cry broke Fei’s heart.

Then, the king turned to Trace and looked at him.

The process took more than a dozen minutes. As Trace’s skin fell off slowly, blood gushed out of his flesh. Soon, he was covered in blood and, and it was hard to tell his limbs apart.

Out of his entire body, only his eyes were untouched. As he twitched and screamed, he stared at Fei with a vicious and poisonous expression.

“Why? You don’t think it is as fantastic as you expected?” Fei said coldly. Even though the screams sounded horrific, Fei didn’t waver. He slowly added, “I apologize. This is my first time doing this, and I’m not as skillful as you and couldn’t get one complete human skin!”

The other people in the palace all looked terrified. At this moment, the King of Chambord looked like a demon who just walked out of hell in their eyes.

It would be a nightmare to face an opponent like him!

“Don’t you worry; my skill will get better and better. Ribry lost 19 of his dearest brothers, and the empire lost 19 bravest warriors. Therefore, I have decided to skin you 19 times. I bet that you could no longer scream by then!”

Fei took out a bottle of [Full Rejuvenation Potion] and slowly poured some of it onto Trace’s bloody body.

Soon, skin started to grow out of Trace’s body, and even his burned-like ugly face got smooth skin again. That was probably his face before the accident that destroyed his face, and he looked somewhat handsome.

“Here is the second run!”

Fei’s cold voice made everyone in the palace shiver uncontrollably.

In this night, one of the guardians of the Imperial Senate, Moon-Classed Trace, got skinned 19 times continuously. In the end, his voice turned weak and sounded like the whining of an animal, and his life ended in pain, regret, and mental collapse.

Now, Fei was finally able to suppress his murderous spirit.

He slowly turned his head and looked at Special Envoy Mathewson. He smiled and said, “Your turn!”

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  2. Wkwkland

    Lol!!! I questioned that too! Hahaha

  3. OG

    I love seeing people get their just rewards.

    Why can’t we get a regression in society in this direction. So much hate and stupidity in today.

  4. Gibz

    Ruthless and just pure ownage…
    Reminds me of noobs ganging on a high level player lol.

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    I’m can’t help but giggle like a little school boy.

  6. Rafid

    Ummm…..I am starting to feel like Yassin isn’t that ‘great’ of an emperor as he is mentioned.His whole kingdom management is literally filled with assholes directly or indirectly appointed by him

  7. ricardo rodriguez

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    We dont even know the Yassin in the St. Petersburg is a real one or not. Imho there is indication that the real Yassin is busy fighting bigger, stronger enemy. And maybe Yassin just lets Fei to clean Zenit’s internal. It’s just illogical for Yassin to let Arshavin fights Fei, as Yassin knows Fei is already very strong.

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