Chapter 622: The Capital (Part One)

As soon as Mathewson heard what Fei said, a desperate expression appeared on his face as he gritted his teeth and smacked his fist toward his head.

He tried to commit suicide!

In fact, he was terrified by what Fei did to Trace who was a Moon-Class Elite. That shocking scene made Mathewson lose the courage to live on. Rather than experiencing that horrifying torture, he wanted to kill himself and escape from the pain.

However, Fei’s voice sounded again, “Humph! Are you scared now? If I don’t allow you to die, you couldn’t die!”

As Fei sneered, he looked toward Mathewson and sent over his power as a Moon-Class Elite. Just like how a Moon-Class Elite could freeze and target someone with warrior energy and magic energy, Fei used his pure physical strength and locked down Mathewson.

Mathewson instantly shivered, and he was no longer able to move his body. His hand froze five centimeters away from his forehead, and he couldn’t do anything to kill himself.

“You…… Alexander, you are too cruel! You aren’t a human! You are a demon!” Mathewson cussed viciously.

“I can only suppress demons like you guys if I turn into a demon myself. What? You think what I’m doing now in inhumane? I believe that the 19 brave warriors of the empire asked you the same thing when they were tortured to death, and their screams and groans are still resonating in this palace. What? Don’t you hear it? When you guys tortured and killed those 19 loyal warriors of the empire in the most gruesome way, why didn’t you feel like you were inhumane?” Fei said as he looked at Mathewson with his sharp eyes.

When the latter couldn’t refute anything, Fei continued and added, “If you were a bit humane and killed them directly without torturing them, I might give you guys a smooth and painless ending. However…… you no longer qualify for a proper and painless death!”

Desperation filled Mathewson’s eyes.

Fei no longer paid attention to him.

He glanced around and looked past everyone until he saw Ribry, and he said, “Ribry, go back to the campsite with Arthur right now. Gain back control of Dual-Flags City before dawn arrives, and arrest everyone who is involved in the killing of our brothers. Then, interrogate them and trial them; everyone who is guilty must be held responsible. Before the new order from the Imperial Military Headquarters gets here, you are in control of everything!”

“As you wish!” Ribry bowed and saluted at Fei. After he looked around and saw who else was in the palace, he hesitated a little and murmured, “Sir, they…..”

“The leaders are already punished, and the rest of them don’t need to be penalized any further; I already destroy their warrior energies and energy channels, and they could only live like regular people from now on. Send them back to the [Whip of the Thunder Lord]…… As to the guilty nobles such as Mayor Soroyov, the native commanders and soldiers can discuss and deal with them!”

“Yes, Your Majesty.” Ribry walked out of the palace with Arthur by his side. After he took a few steps forward, he suddenly realized something. He turned around and asked, “Sir, then you……”

“I’m going to the Capital, and I need to meet our God of War His Highness,” Fei replied confidently. His expression didn’t change, and it was clear that he planned to do this all along!

“Ah? Go to St. Petersburg? This…… is this a good time? After all…… they……” Ribry was shocked by what Fei said.

“What happened today at Dual-Flags City is already insane! Mr. Alexander had turned this place up-side-down, and the nobles and influential figures at the Capital would be stunned. Who knows what kind of counterattack they would plan? Doesn’t matter what it is, it is going to be powerful and deadly!” Ribry thought. He was planning to go back to the native military force’s campsite, kill everyone who knew what happened here, and take on all the blame and guilt; he planned to be the scapegoat for Fei. That was why he was concerned and worried that Fei was going to the Capital right now.

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