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Hail the King Chapter 622.2

Chapter 622: The Capital (Part Two)

St. Petersburg was the Capital of the Zenit Empire, and a remote city like Dual-Flags City couldn’t be compared to it.

The Capital was heavily guarded by masters, protected by elite soldiers and legions, and the magic towers and magic arrays in there were dense like trees in a forest; that protection was tight enough.

“On top of that, Emperor Yassin resides there……” Ribry thought. “Although it is rumored that he is dying, his power couldn’t be neglected…… If Mr. Alexander goes there now, he will be in a huge disadvantage……”

Fei already saw through Ribry’s mind. He laughed and said, “Don’t worry; I know the limits. There shouldn’t be any issues. Crown Prince His Highness is a little too pressing; if I don’t slap back, hehe, our God of War will think that I am really scared of him. More stuff might happen in the future if I don’t go, so I will solve this issue once for all.”

Ribry gaped; he vaguely guessed Fei’s thoughts, and he was even more shocked.

He knew that he couldn’t dissuade the King of Chambord. Therefore, after some thinking, he added politely, “Sir, you have been busy today already. Why don’t you rest for the night in Dual-Flags City, and I could get a team of elite cavaliers from the native military force tomorrow and guard you to……”

“No need; I will be back real soon.”

Before Fei finished speaking, a pair of silver sword energy wings that had a wingspan of 30 meters appeared on his back. Then, the king grasped onto Special Envoy Mathewson and dashed into the sky like a silver light.

Soon, the sharp air-piercing noises sounded, and they disappeared into the sky. However, they left a series of afterimages in the sky. As if the sky was severely wounded, a silver-white line stayed in the dark sky and wasn’t willing to leave.

Ribry opened his mouth but didn’t say anything.

After experiencing this incident, this great general who had been situated in the huge city in the northwest region of Zenit for more than a dozen years suddenly realized that he only saw the King of Chambord’s real side today.

“This king enjoys the ultimate freedom, and he is like a godly dragon that soars in the high sky. Even though the Crown Prince His Highness is unreachable for a lot of people, compared to the King of Chambord, he is weaker, less strategic, and less heroic. The two of them aren’t on the same level,” he thought, “Perhaps only Emperor Yassin could suppress this young king if he is back to his prime……”

After Ribry looked at the stars in the sky for a while, he took out that medal and gave it back to his guard, Arthur. Then, he patted his brave guard’s shoulder and didn’t say anything else.


“You are really heading toward the Capital? You are mad! You are seeking your own death! Hahaha! This is good! Crown Prince His Highness will tear you apart!”

Mathewson was being held by Fei by the neck like a chicken in the hand of a farmer, and he wasn’t able to move at all. When he lowered his head, he saw mountains and forests passing him quickly. He could only hear loud wind-blowing noises, and the sparks created by the friction between the air and Fei’s energy sphere when they were traveling at high-speed almost blinded Mathewson.

Flying was the privilege of masters on and above the realm of Moon-Class.

If it weren’t for Fei’s silver energy sphere that blocked all the natural forces outside, Mathewson who was only a mid-tier Five-Star Warrior would have been torn into pieces by the crazy blade-like wind in the high sky.

Gradually, Special Envoy Mathewson who already gave up on life realized that the king was really headed toward St. Petersburg. As he was shocked, he also got excited and cursed Fei viciously.

However, Fei completely ignored him and didn’t even look at him.

After about 30 minutes, the land before them started to get bright. Like stars in the sky, lights were scattered around and shone brightly. The lights were all connected as if all the stars in the sky gathered, and it was magnificent and shocking. Half of the sky was lit up by the light, and the buildings looked majestic.

The Capital of Zenit, St. Petersburg, was here!

St. Petersburg at night was peaceful yet spectacular.

Even though he was close, Fei didn’t slow down. Like a meteor that was falling from the sky, Fei fluttered his huge wings and dashed down toward the Capital fiercely.

Under the nightly sky, the king’s eyes looked bright and murderous.

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    Mathewson is kind of an idiot. I would imagine the Prince would just disavow all the horrible things they did and put him to death as a traitor

    • OG

      My thouhht too. But he could also go Right to yassin with Matheson. Maybe not rihht to CPArsh

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