Chapter 623: Charging at the Capital (Part One)

St. Petersburg was the Capital of the Zenit Empire, the giant bear of the north. Therefore, it was tightly guarded.

When Fei was about ten kilometers away from the Capital, the soldiers on the ground already noticed that something was off. Therefore, one of the ten main battle legions of Zenit, [Gigantic Force Legion], that was protecting the Capital moved. Six dashes of green energy flames shot toward Fei from the ground like surface-to-air missiles.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Sharp air-piercing noises sounded, and the huge arrows that had warrior energy flames around them passed by Fei.

These six arrows weren’t aimed at Fei. Instead, they were aimed around Fei and were only a warning signal.

After all, anyone who could fly in mid-air was at least a Moon-Class Elite, and attacking such a master without figuring out his or her intentions first might offend him or her. If a misunderstanding was created, even the legion commander of the [Gigantic Force Legion] couldn’t bear the responsibility.

“Please land onto the ground. You are already inside the air-defense zone of St. Petersburg of Zenit. According to the laws of this empire, flying in the sky above the Capital is strictly prohibited!” a loud shout sounded from the ground, and a series of magic energy fluctuations rippled through the air.

Fei already sensed that no one in the [Gigantic Force Legion] could pose a threat to him. The person who just talked was only a peak Five-Star Warrior, and he used a kind of magic devices to project his voice so far out into the sky.

At this moment, in the military campsites around St. Petersburg, various figures enveloped in magic energy flames slowly rose above the ground.

It was the mage brigade in the [Gigantic Force Legion].

This was the advantage of being a mage. Even though they weren’t at Moon-Class yet, they could learn spells such as Floating, No Gravity, and Wings of Wind to fly into the air in battle.

“Hahaha! You have been spotted. Surrender! Little king, you still have the chance to surrender now. Otherwise, you would be shot down like a dumb bird! The legions around the Capital already discovered you……” Mathewson started to gloat. Although he wasn’t sure where the King of Chambord was taking him and what for, he completely relaxed at this moment.

Compared with Dual-Flags City, the closer he was to the Capital, the safer he was.

However, Fei didn’t even look at him.

A dash of energy entered Mathewson’s body, and a tearing pain instantly shut this special envoy up.

Fei saw the giant magic crossbows that were pulled out and the mages who were floating into the sky. However, he completely overlooked them. Without declaring and announcing his identity, Fei fluttered his silver sword energy wings and dashed forward even faster. He instantly bypassed the [Gigantic Force Legion] and didn’t give them the time to react.

“Oh damn! Enemy! This master holds hostility toward the empire! Quickly inform the defense minister and get all the protection array formations to function at 100% capacity!”

A Moon-Class Elite’s invasion of St. Petersburg was something very significant. If it weren’t handled properly, it would be a disaster for the empire. After all, the amount of damage a Moon-Class Elite could do was devastating; it might be even more than the amount of destruction a main battle legion could create.

Therefore, even though the [Gigantic Force Legion] was alerted, and such an incident had never happened in recent years, none of them dared to make a move without orders from higher-ups.

Dashes of magic warning signals were sent into the sky like fancy fireworks.

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