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Hail the King Chapter 623.2

Chapter 623: Charging at the Capital (Part Two)

After seeing them, ear-piercing siren instantly sounded along the defense walls of St. Petersburg, and this great city that was deep asleep under the stars got woken up. Soldiers started to run along the defense walls, and many defensive weapons that were nowhere to be seen were taken out of the secret locations, revealing their fangs.

In just a matter of a few minutes, well-trained and fully-armed soldiers appeared on the defense walls. With stern expressions, they stood still and waited for the commands from their superiors.

A lot of powerful mages and warriors who were rarely seen by ordinary soldiers also rushed to the defense wall. With energy flames burning around them, terrifying auras appeared as they unleashed their full strengths.

In the meantime, the numerous magic towers also emitted dominant magic energy fluctuations. Dashes of magic energies were shot into the sky, and the magic energies gather into a pool in the sky before expanding to all directions, forming a giant orange energy sphere and protecting the entire St. Petersburg.

This was a protective array formation that was numerous times more powerful than [Earth’s Protection] magic array formation at Dual-Flags City.

This energy sphere was powered by numerous mages and magic towers in the city, and it was thick. With the dense magic elements formed into a thick layer of protection array, it had insane durability and protective abilities. It was able to defend against almost all physical and magical attacks, and it could block everything outside of it. Even if the attacker was a top-tier Moon-Class Elite and had high-level combat weapons, this array formation could still protect the buildings in the city, especially the royal palaces. In most cases, no one was capable of penetrating through the energy sphere and causing damage to the city.

In less than ten minutes, the entire St. Petersburg completed its transformation smoothly and rapidly.

The beautiful and peaceful city that was asleep turned into a vicious battle beast that showed its fangs.

However, it felt like Fei didn’t see any of this.

His descending speed didn’t decrease at all; instead, it was increasing! Like a moth that was flying toward a burning flame, Fei dashed down at the Capital that was well-protected; there was a long flame tail behind him.

He was about to clash with the orange energy sphere!

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Since the initial warning was useless and didn’t achieve anything, the protection mechanisms and forces started their merciless attacks.

Dashes of arrows and magic energies that contained insane forces drew out many colorful lines in the dark sky like fireworks, and the traces of warrior energies left by the combat weapons that were used by Star-level Warriors also left dangerous marks in the sky. Tens of thousands of streaks of energies combined, and they enveloped the sky like colorful waves.

Also, they devoured Fei at the same time.

It was the combined attack that aggregated the strengths of all the warriors and mages in the Capital. Although the energies were combined messily, it was still powerful. Even if a low-tier Sun-Class Lord were hit by it, he or she would be injured severely.

At this moment, many people in the Capital thought, “Who is this Moon-Class Elite? How dare he attack the Capital this recklessly? But now, he is enveloped by this terrifying attack! He is probably turned into dust now, right?”

“Wait! No! He is not dead! Look! Look there! He is not harmed! He is getting closer……” A Five-Star Warrior suddenly opened his eyes wide, pointed at a dash of silver energy in the sky, and screamed as if he saw something unimaginable!

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