Chapter 624: Who Is He? (Part One)

Everyone on the defense wall of St. Petersburg looked up.

Just like what that warrior said, even though the massive amount of energy waves were exploding and tearing the dark sky apart, creating spatial gaps that fixed themselves in a split second, that figure in the silver energy sphere wasn’t harmed. Even though an area of tens of square kilometers in the sky was turned into a death zone, that master was still moving forward as if he was casually swimming through an ocean of sharks.

This man easily got through that death zone and quickly approached the defense wall.

Everyone on the defense wall was shocked.

“How powerful is he? What level is he on? How could he get around the terrifying attack this easily? Is he a Sun-Class Lord?” they thought.

“What are you guys standing around for? Quick! Attack again!” A Seven-Star Warrior shouted on the defense wall, and his voice resonated in the sky like a thunder. He woke everyone up from the shock, and the warriors and mages started to attack again, resulting in a giant pool of energy reappearing in the sky.

At this moment, changes occurred.

A roar sounded in the sky and resonated in the area. It was so loud that people felt like their heads were dizzy and their visions were blurry. “I’m King Alexander of Chambord. I’m here only for Andrew Arshavin and don’t want to attack the city. Anyone who dares to attack me again shall bear the consequences!”


-In a stone palace that was the headquarters of the Imperial Patrol-

Second Prince Dominguez who was resting on a bamboo chair with the little disabled dog, Oka, in his arms suddenly opened his eyes. Under the light-yellow light, the shocked expression on his face looked clear.

“Eh? Such a powerful sensation…… Someone is attacking the Capital? Who is it? Who dares to do such a thing? Could it be……?” A figure suddenly appeared in this handsome prince’s mind, and a name jumped out of his mouth subconsciously. “Could it be…… the King of Chambord?!”

In the recent few days, Crown Prince Arshavin who earned fame and influence through the wars had been plotting against the King Alexander of Chambord. This was a known fact in St. Petersburg, and many nobles and influential figures had been counting down the King of Chambord’s doomsday.

However, Second Prince Dominguez and his henchmen decided to stand by Fei’s side for some reason.

Especially Dominguez’s No.1 Advisor, [Demonic Woman] Paris, and his most loyal follower, [Red Beard] Granello; they had been vocal in their support toward the King of Chambord in various situations, and they used the power of Second Prince Dominguez to interrupt and delay the Imperial Military Headquarters’ plan in interrogating the commanders such as Shevchenko, Reye, Huerk, Kanort, and Cindy in the [Wolf Teeth Legion]. Their words and their actions showed everyone that they were on the side of King Alexander.

The current situation wasn’t in favor of Second Prince Dominguez. His influence had been decreasing drastically ever since Crown Prince Arshavin got the victories in the wars against the Spartax Empire and the Eindhoven Empire. Therefore, a lot of people didn’t understand why this prince was trying his best to help a little king who was doomed from the beginning, just like how people didn’t understand why Crown Prince Arshavin was determined to take out a talented young man like King Alexander of Chambord.

All kinds of rumors were being passed around.

Some people were saying that [Demonic Woman] Paris fell in love with the young king, but others stated that the person who fell for the King of Chambord was Second Prince Dominguez. After all, it was rumored in the past that Second Prince Dominguez who was extremely handsome was into men.

After hearing Dominguez’s gasp, Paris who was picking the petals off a rose on a chair suddenly straightened her back, and glares suddenly appeared in her eyes. She stood up, walked to the window, and stared into dark sky in her long white dress. As if she thought about something, she nodded and smiled. “Perhaps it is him, but it could also be someone else…… One thing is for sure – when that man goes crazy, he is daring enough to do such a thing!”

[Red Beard] Granello stood behind Second Prince Dominguez quietly. However, bright lights were flashing in his eyes, and it showed that this person who controlled the Imperial Patrol in the Capital wasn’t calm on the inside as he appeared on the outside.


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