Chapter 625: Give You the Opportunity (Part One)

The thunder-like roar resonated in the sky above the Capital, and almost everyone in St. Petersburg heard it.

“Oh! This mysterious and powerful master is the King Alexander of Chambord who is praised by half of the people and slandered by the other half. Also, he is charging at the Capital because of Crown Prince Arshavin. Attacking the Capital is already a big crime on its own, and he is also calling the Crown Prince by name,” people thought.

For the last while, the rumor of battles between the Crown Prince and the King of Chambord got spread around, and even the regular people in St. Petersburg knew about it.

Now with Fei’s sudden appearance, this rumor was solidified, and people knew that the two young men were like water and fire; they couldn’t co-exist in the same space.

“What did Crown Prince Arshavin do? He provoked the King of Chambord so much that this young king traveled to the Capital at this time during the night……”

The thing that shocked the people the most was Fei’s strength.

“When did the King of Chambord get this strong? He is able to dodge the attack of tens of thousands of masters as well as magic arrays, and he is flying in mid-air…… Half a year ago during the affiliated kingdom competition, the King of Chambord was only a Six-Star Warrior. In only six months, he got to Moon-Class?” they thought.

Some people already knew about this, but it was still shocking to most people who didn’t know. After all, the news and information couldn’t be passed around that fast in this world.

“If the King of Chambord has enough time, he could potentially become a supreme warrior. Too bad…… He is too young…… What he is doing right now is too impulsive. Charging at the Capital is something that couldn’t be forgiven. The power of the royal family could easily defeat him, and the ending for the King of Chambord couldn’t be anything else but death!” This was the thought that was on most people’s minds.


-On the defense wall of St. Petersburg-

After Fei shouted, some of the masters decided to stop attacking.

“The King of Chambord is one of the few young talents in the empire, and it was rumored that he captured the murderers of Martial Saint Krasic. Also, he was able to fend off the enemies of Jax using a legion of lousy soldiers, buying empire the time to deal with the Spartax Empire and the Eindhoven Empire. Since he is a person of honor and merit, and he is not attacking the Capital, we don’t need to block him.”

However, other people didn’t think that way.

“Doesn’t matter what, flying above the Capital is strictly forbidden. The King of Chambord is at a place of no return!”

To the people on the side of Crown Prince Arshavin, this was the best opportunity for them to eliminate the King of Chambord. Therefore, some master already shouted, commanding soldiers and others around them to attack Fei again.

Various energy surges appeared in the sky again like colorful flames, and they dashed at Fei ferociously.

“Damn it! Damn you, the King of Chambord…… I’m still…… Eh, I’m dead for sure!” Special Envoy Mathewson who was being held by Fei couldn’t get away, and he quickly closed his eyes as the dashes of energies rushed toward them. He got scared, and he quickly cursed Fei in his mind.

At this critical moment, Fei sped up even more and descend toward the city.

It felt like he couldn’t wait to collide with the attack that combined the power of many masters in St. Petersburg.

“He is seeking his death!”

Just as everyone thought that the King of Chambord was crazy, something mystic happened. A series of silver ripples appeared in the air, and a mysterious stone throne appeared under the king. This throne had beautiful engravings on it, and there were warriors and goddess statues around it, making it look like the throne that belonged to the king of gods!

Under the protection of this mysterious throne, the King of Chambord blinked and instantly disappeared.

“Disap…… disappeared?”

“What happened? Did he escape?”

“That stone throne…… What is that? Why did I feel a holy and inviolable sensation from it?”

The masters on the defense wall all sensed a strange atmosphere. The disappearance of the King of Chambord gave them an ominous feeling, and that strange throne shocked them.

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