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Hail the King Chapter 625.2

Chapter 625: Give You the Opportunity (Part Two)

At this moment, someone shouted, “Look there! He is there! Unbelievable! How did he do it? He directly passed through the defensive energy sphere of the city. Could…… Is this the teleportation ability of Sun-Class Lords? Teleportation?”

It was a Six-Star Warrior, and he was pointing at a location behind the defense wall and under the protection of the grand protective magic array of the city. As he shouted those words, a terrified expression appeared on his face.

Everyone turned around, and they were stunned by what they saw.

“The King of Chambord…… He dodged everyone’s attack, and he quietly passed through the defensive energy sphere of the city, appearing in the sky of St. Petersburg which is inside layer of protections. This is truly shocking! Even the legendary Sun-Class Lords who are invincible couldn’t achieve this, this easily, right?” people thought.

After the King of Chambord smoothly went through layers of protection, everyone got nervous.

Right now, St. Petersburg was like a girl who was naked, and it couldn’t defend itself very well. At this moment, even a Moon-Class Elite could cause a disaster at the city.

As everyone was surprised, another series of ripples appeared in the sky. The King of Chambord and his mysterious throne disappeared again.

In the next second, Fei appeared above the Imperial Military Headquarters.

[The Throne of Chaos] was floating 1,000 meters above the ground gracefully and elegantly, and Fei was standing on it like a god who was in the clouds. As he looked down, two beams of silver light dashed out of his eyes, pierced through the darkness, and enveloped the figure who was standing in front of the palace in a black cape and robe.

“How dare you be so reckless in front of Crown Prince His Highness?”

Someone shouted on the ground, and more than a dozen huge magic arrows were shot toward Fei using magic military crossbows.

Fei only lightly waved his hand as if he was trying to get rid of a few flies.

However, his casual move blew all the powerful magic arrows away like straws in crazy wind. Then, these heavy arrows fell from the sky and landed on some houses, making loud noises and destroying a few properties.


On the ground, Arshavin sensed the intense murderous spirit in Fei’s eyes, and he looked angry yet concerned. Behind him, more than a dozen officials swallowed their saliva and looked scared.

“Alexander, attacking the Capital and raiding the Imperial Military Headquarters are both illegal, and you are ignoring the laws of the empire! How dare you!”

As his black cape fluttered in the wind, Arshavin stood straight and unleashed his visible murderous spirit as well. Even though he couldn’t fly in the sky like Fei, he demonstrated the presence of a god-like military commander. When he looked up and asked with a furious tone, his voice got projected out by his warrior energy.

“Hahahahahaha! Are you worthy enough to talk about the laws with me?” As if he heard the funniest joke, Fei laughed in the sky, and his laughter resonated in this great city. “What do you think I’m here for? I’m not here to BS with you! When your henchmen murdered the most loyal soldiers of the empire in the northwest, did you think about the laws? There are conflicts between us, but you have to get ordinary and innocent people involved! Even though you are a prince, you deserve to die!”

“How dare you talk to Crown Prince His Highness like this?”

“Humph! Little king, you are seeking your death! Get down from the sky!”

As the roars sounded, two black shadows dashed out of the Imperial Military Headquarters and toward Fei. These two people were able to fly in the air, so they were at least New Moon Elites. While Fei was focused on Arshavin, they suddenly launched attacks at Fei using combat weapons.

Under the moonlight, the two combat weapons reflected cold glares and emitted terrifying energies.

“F*ck off!” Fei punched down and said, “When your master is talking, be quiet!”

A powerful physical energy dashed down from the sky, and it was indefensible. The two figures who were trying to sneak-attack were severely injured. As they spat out mouthfuls of blood, they fell from the sky even faster.


They destroyed a few houses with their bodies.

“What? These two guardians of the Imperial Senate got defeated so easily?”

The top-tier officials of the Imperial Military Headquarters were stunned, and they looked at that demonic figure in the sky with fear.

It was clear that the power of the King of Chambord shocked them, and the smart ones already realized that things weren’t as simple as they seemed.

“Arshavin, use everything you’ve got! Don’t you want to kill me once for all? Do it now, so others couldn’t say that I didn’t give you the opportunity! Humph!”

Fei’s cold words stabbed in the Crown Prince’s heart like blades.

Crown Prince Arshavin was the no.1 successor to the throne, and he had a ton of influence over politics and military. However, he felt powerless and weak now. He couldn’t even threaten the person who was shaming him in the sky.

“What? Don’t you have anything else? Let me give you a gift!” As Fei said coldly, he threw down something.

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