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Hail the King Chapter 626.1

Chapter 626: Look Up at the Sky! Look Up at Him! (Part One)

As soon as the King of Chambord moved his arm, the soldiers and masters around Crown Prince Arshavin got nervous. They were protecting him, and they were afraid that the King of Chambord would lose his mind and kill the Crown Prince of Zenit right in front of them. If that happened, it would be a real tragedy.


An orange-flame-like object directly fell from the sky, and it was about half a meter wide.

However, no powerful warrior energy or magic energy surge could be detected from this flame.

“Ahhhhhhhh…… Noooooo! Your Highness, please save me! Ahhhhhhh! Save me, Your Highness!!!!!!!!” A series of horrifying screams sounded from this dash of flame as it fell from the sky like a meteor.

As soon as he heard this voice, Arshavin’s expression changed. He was too familiar with this voice.

“Move away!” He pushed away the soldiers in front of him and made a big empty space.

In the next moment, this dash of flame landed on the ground, but it didn’t break apart. It was clear that the King of Chambord used insane granular control of his strength.

Slowly, the flames around this object disappeared, revealing a burned-up person. The skin of this person was turned completely back, and the skin would crack when this person moved, resulting in bloody wounds. However, it seemed like a cloud of energy protected his face, and it wasn’t burned.

At the moment, he was curled up like a cooked shrimp, and his face expressed the amount of pain he was in.

As this burned person slowly reached out his black stick-like right arm in front of Arshavin, he said in a weak and hoarse voice, “Crown Prince…… Your Majesty…… Save…… Save me!”

Then, his body stiffed, and he died on the spot.

This person was the Special Envoy Mathewson whom Arshavin sent to Dual-Flags City not too long ago to execute his series of plans, and the King of Chambord killed Mathewson right in front of Arshavin’s eyes as a protest.

“Alexander!!!!!!!!” Arshavin roared as he stared at Fei ferociously. He was the named [Zenit’s God of War] for a reason, and his presence and murderous spirit was pressing. Regular people who heard this roar and saw his dominating presence would tremble in fear and kneel.

However, that wasn’t the case for Fei. The only respond Fei had for him was a series of laughter.

“Hahahahaha! An eye for an eye! I’m just here to return a gift!” As Fei stood on [The Throne of Chaos], he looked down at Crown Prince Arshavin and said in a light tone as if he was a demon who was indifferent to killing, “You reached out your hand into Dual-Flags City and tried to cover people’s mouths and kill them, and you should have been prepared for this. What? You think I’m cruel and ruthless? If you knew what your henchmen have been doing at Dual-Flags City, I’m sure you won’t be this angry!”

Fei threw Mathewson down from the sky because he wanted the latter to experience a pain that was comparable to being skinned alive. Just like how he dealt with Guardian Trace of the Imperial Senate, he wanted to avenge for the 19 guards of Ribry and many other soldiers who were killed by these evil people.

Fei didn’t plan to let go of Mathewson from the beginning.

“Who do you think you are? How dare you accuse me? How are you qualified to point fingers at me? Humph! All the citizens of Zenit are under my command! As the crown prince, I could do anything I want! I was able to wipe out the Spartax Empire that had been around for hundreds of years, let alone a few rebellious soldiers in a remote city within the territory of the empire. How dare you accuse me of such a small issue? You are truly foolish!” Arshavin shook his head as he pushed Mathewson’s burned and stinky corpse away, and he sneered and pointed at Fei with a mocking expression.

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