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Hail the King Chapter 626.2

Chapter 626: Look Up at the Sky! Look Up at Him! (Part Two)

The officials of the Imperial Military Headquarters and thousands of soldiers around Arshavin all sensed a chill. This was the first time that anyone saw the kind and wise crown prince behaving this way. He was ruthless, arrogant, and out of character, making the people who were close to him feel very strange.

Fei was looking down at Arshavin and got a little surprised.

As a strange expression appeared on his face, he was silent for a while.

Then, he shook his head and said, “Great! This is great. You finally spoke what has been on your mind, right? Looks like I overestimated you. This is your real side. Hahaha! You want to pretend to be a wise and kind lord; are you tired from acting all these years? I have torn off your fake mask so that you don’t need to be that tired all the time!” Fei’s voice resonated in the sky above the Capital, and it made Arshavin feel like puking up blood.

This was a feeling that Arshavin never experienced before. He was used to be in control all the time, but that figure who he hated was in the sky and too far away from him. The distance between them couldn’t be filled using soldiers and weapons……

This was the terrifying side of master warriors and master mages. Once they got to a certain power level, they couldn’t be tied down using military and influence.

The King of Chambord was growing too fast, and he was no longer in the world that Arshavin was in.

However, the Crown Prince didn’t regret anything; he didn’t regret pushing the King of Chambord to the opposite of him.

Ever since he accidentally saw that secret in the royal palace a year ago, Arshavin knew that he had to make a decision. If he didn’t want to give up chasing the throne, he would have to see the demonic man in the sky right now as his nemesis.

Even though he looked angry and vicious on the surface, Arshavin was not as anxious as he seemed.

The truth was that he was waiting; he was waiting for that person in the royal palace to decide.

It was a gamble. Even though Arshavin didn’t want to lose the bet, he had no control over the process.

He was scared that the result would disappoint him and even make him desperate.

It wasn’t just because of the power of the throne……

It was also because……

After he took a deep breath, he sensed a rare chilliness in his lungs.

Arshavin snorted and stopped speaking. The King of Chambord could drop his status as the king and mock him all he wanted, but to Arshavin, behaving out of character once was more than enough.

To a man in the military, that was a sign of weakness and powerlessness.

At this moment, the defensive powers in the Capital finally reacted. The orange energy sphere didn’t disappear, but more and more masters dashed toward the Imperial Military Headquarters. The masters from the Imperial Patrol, the Royal Guards, the [Iron Blood Legion], the Imperial Knight Palace, and the Imperial Senate…… Also, a ton of soldiers moved forward, surrounding the entire Imperial Military Headquarters and Crown Prince Arshavin like a black ocean.

Fei stood in mid-air and didn’t speak.

As he glanced around, he saw people like Second Prince Dominguez, Fourth Prince Chrystal, [Demonic Woman] Paris, [Red Beard] Granello, the leaders of the various noble families, the officials, the influential figures…… The important people of Zenit all appeared, and Fei recognized some of them.

At this moment, all the people in St. Petersburg were looking up at the sky, looking up at that young king on the silver-white throne.

In the meantime, that young king was looking down.

TL Note: For people who have more knowledge of the plot, please don’t put any spoilers in the comment sections. Let the people who don’t know the plot have more suspension.

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