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Hail the King Chapter 627.1

Chapter 627: The King of Chambord is Invincible (Part One)

At this moment, changes occurred.

The southeast region of the Capital was initially quiet, but a fire-colored glare shined upon it. As if all the buildings in that region were lit on fire, the dark sky turned bright, and it looked like daytime.

A powerful energy slowly dispersed into the area and enveloped the entire St. Petersburg.

A real master finally appeared.

“It is…… That old monster……”

“It is true…… The rumor is true. The Imperial Senate has decided to stand with the Crown Prince. Now, no one can rival with Arshavin His Highness!”

“Humph! That old man finally couldn’t endure the seclusion anymore! He wants to come out and play!”

“The King of Chambord is now in danger! Perhaps his performance tonight ends here. This old monster isn’t an ordinary master. Within the empire, only Emperor Yassin His Majesty could suppress this old monster at his prime. Right now, Emperor Yassin His Majesty is on the decline…… This old man finally couldn’t hold himself and wants to get involved?”

“Hahaha! This time, the King of Chambord is done! He is dead! I want to see how long he can drag this out. Hahaha! He deserves it! I couldn’t wait to see the King of Chambord getting crushed!”

As soon as that orange warrior energy flame appeared, the people who were in the area were all stunned.

Most of the influential figures in St. Petersburg knew about the existence of this old monster who lived like a hermit, and they knew how terrifying he was. With their eyes wide open, they stared at the situation that was taking a drastic turn in the sky and wondered. This battle could potentially affect the division of power in the empire for the next tens to even hundreds of years!

The people who didn’t know what was going on heard about this terrifying master who suddenly appeared from other people’s murmurs, and they gasped in shock.

A light smile appeared on Arshavin’s face, but the concerned expression didn’t disappear. He was still staring at the direction of that magnificent royal palace in the middle of St. Petersburg as if he was hoping for something.

However, many influential figures in the area looked at him differently now. None of them expected Arshavin to have pulled that old monster to his side already.

Second Prince Dominguez still had Oka, the disabled little dog, in his arms, and his beautiful eyes that could make almost all women in the Capital go crazy were squinted. His face was emotionless, and it felt like everything that was happening was not connected to him at all.

Beside him, Paris and Granello both frowned.

Standing on the throne in the sky, Fei didn’t look afraid at all.

This master of the Imperial Senate who suddenly appeared didn’t say anything at all. As soon as he soared into the sky, he unleashed his most powerful attack. He left no room for negotiations and arbitrations, and it was clear that he wanted to kill Fei directly in the eyes of tens of thousands of people.


[The Throne of Chaos] shivered in the air. As the energy flames of that mysterious master were about to envelop him, Fei suddenly disappeared from where he was and appeared 100 meters away.

“Huh?” a hoarse voice sounded in a surprised tone.

The orange energy flame instantly contracted before dispersing into the area, creating an even brighter light. Then, an old man appeared after the light dimmed down. This man looked like he was in his fifties, and his hair was grey and messy. His small eyes were sunk into his face, and his eyes looked a bit red. With a cold expression, he looked quite cruel.

“Who are you?” Fei glanced at him and instantly detected his strength; it was about level 1 to level 2 low-tier Full Moon.

He didn’t expect Zenit to have such a powerful hermit, but this person didn’t leave him a good impression. That chilly murderous spirit and bloody sensation on this person were even more intense compared with that red-robbed ugly-faced Trace, and it was clear that he was a vicious character who killed many people.

After hearing Fei’s question, this old man giggled and didn’t respond right away. He looked at [The Throne of Chaos] under Fei’s feet greedily and said, “Ok, not bad. It looks like this throne is a good item; it helped you to escape from my strike. Here is a deal for you. If you give this throne to me today, I won’t kill you. I will just break your arms and legs and destroy your warrior energy, but I will let go of your Chambord Kingdom. What do you say?”

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