Chapter 627: The King of Chambord is Invincible (Part Two)

After hearing this arrogant question, Fei furrowed his brows and laughed, “Are you from the Imperial Senate?”

“Bug! Since you know my background, then hand over your throne! Do you want to die?” This vicious old man laughed, and he looked like a skeleton with a layer of human skin on top, gloomy and scary.

“You want this throne?”

“Hehe, yeah. Hand it over!”

“I have a question. Your strength is top-tier at the Zenit Empire. When our Martial Saint Krasic was being killed by the assassins from the other three empires, why didn’t you come out and help?” Fei asked earnestly; this was the first real conversation between them.

“You mean that idiot Krasic? It doesn’t matter if he is dead or not. He is the top warrior in the eyes of ordinary people, but he is a poor chess piece who couldn’t even control his own fate in my eyes. He is stupid like a pig. Hehe, his death was pitiful yet meaningless. Actually, it is better now that idiot is dead!” this old man said as he waved his hand carelessly.

The king lowered his head and was silent for a few seconds.

After a few seconds passed by, he looked up, stared at this old monster who was feared by many, and said, “F*ck you! Dumb*ss!”

“What did you say to me?” That old man was surprised, and he wasn’t able to react in time. He never thought that this little king who was weaker than him in strength dared to swear at him.

“I Said That You Are A Dumb*ss!”

After Fei repeated what he said and emphasized each word, he grasped his fists.

Whoosh! A silver energy flashed by, and the war hammer [Immortal King’s Stone Crusher] appeared in his hands.

[The Throne of Chaos] lightly shivered under Fei’s feet and moved him forward, placing him only about one meter away from this old man.


The war hammer was swung mercilessly.

As if he was trying to get rid of a fly, Fei smashed the hammer at this old man’s arrogant face ferociously.

Everything happened so fast.

[Immortal King’s Stone Crusher] was too powerful, and Fei was too quick.

Therefore, this old man didn’t have the time to dodge; he could only try to defend against it.

As a surprised and angry expression appeared on his face, this old man stacked his hands in front of his chest, and layers of orange energy flames came together to form several thick walls of fire. He was furious, and he was thinking about how to destroy this king viciously in the next moment.

However, crackling noises sounded. It was a sound that this old man hadn’t heard in a long time.

The walls of fire that he was very confident in got smashed apart like tofu, and it wasn’t able to stop nor delay that hammer strike at all. With the same power and speed, the hammer landed on his arms and upper body, completely unloading all the force.


This old man was knocked away like a baseball. As he screamed, his body got turned into a dash of red light, and it smashed into the buildings in the southwest. This descending speed was much faster than his original ascending speed.

After that, no one was able to sense the aura of that terrifying old man anymore, and everyone around the Imperial Military Headquarters was stunned.

The people who knew a lot about this old man shivered as if they ate the wrong medicine, and the people who just learned about this old man looked at the people around them in doubts, questioning if they were telling the truth about the real power of this man.

This was the most unimaginable event of the night.

Crown Prince Arshavin looked ugly as if someone slapped him with the bottom of a shoe, and he even forgot to look in the direction of the royal palace.

Second Prince Dominguez unintentionally squeezed Oka too hard, making the latter bark.

In the same time, Paris gaped as her mind went blank.

The entire Capital fell silent.

The no. 1 master of Zenit other than the person in the royal palace got defeated, and it was very one-sided.

After seeing that old man getting smashed away, everyone thought of the same thing, “The King of Chambord is now invincible!”

“In the Capital…… No, in the empire, no one could balance out this genius who suddenly appeared. Even Crown Prince Arshavin is so inferior compared to this powerful king,” they thought.

At this moment, Fei’s voice sounded by people’s ears again, “This is a warning. Doesn’t matter who you are, don’t provoke me and don’t test my tolerance. Otherwise, be prepared to see the Grim Reaper!”

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