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Hail the King Chapter 628.1

Chapter 628: Shocking Departure (Part One)

Except for Emperor Yassin who established this empire, no one dared to say such a thing in the sky above St. Petersburg.

It was a threat! A blatant threat to the entire empire!

However, at this moment in time, no one felt like there was anything wrong with this. As they looked at that demonic figure in the sky who was standing amongst the stars, no one felt like this young king lost his mind.

As soon as everyone heard what Fei said, they all sensed a chill in their spines.

Some of the officials of the Imperial Military Headquarters thought back to what happened in this year, and they wondered if they did anything against Chambord and King Alexander. All the noble families who sided with Crown Prince Arshavin felt like there was a terrifying blade above their heads, and it was going to fall at any moment.

Right now, they already threw Crown Prince Arshavin to the back of their heads. They were thinking about how they could fix the relationship between them and Chambord.

To everyone here, the weight of King Alexander far surpassed the importance of Crown Prince Arshavin. On this continent that was ruled by the law of the jungle, people sought after power. Therefore, the weaker ones automatically felt reliant on the more powerful ones. Once the weak people spotted someone more powerful than their current leader, they would ditch this leader mercilessly and go under the protection of the more powerful.

It was the law of the survival of the fittest.

Crown Prince Arshavin clearly sensed the invisible change that was happening around him, and his fists clenched even tighter. His nails pierced into his palms, and drips of blood stained his fingers silently.

Only a few people could force themselves to stay level-headed in this situation.

Right now, they all had to wait for that person in the royal palace to speak.

It was chilly tonight, but it wasn’t as cold as some people’s hearts. At this moment, the people in the area all felt like the time was passing by too slow.

Five to six minutes passed by, and no one dared to respond to the King of Chambord.

That magnificent structure at the center of St. Petersburg represented the supreme power of the empire, but its gate was tightly closed. The royal guards who were in golden armors patrolled along the inner defense walls of the royal palace emotionlessly as if they were blind and deaf. It felt like they didn’t see and hear the threat that was not far away.

This rare silence shocked many people.

“Could it be that Emperor Yassin is so weak that he couldn’t even handle the King of Chambord? Or……”

“Arshavin, all of the grudges and resentment between us will end after this punch! After this, don’t come and bother me! Otherwise……” The King of Chambord’s voice sounded in the sky, and a powerful and pressing energy dashed down at Crown Prince Arshavin as Fei punched down. The air in the area tensed up, and the pressure was suffocating.

“How dare you?!”


At this moment, the elite soldiers of the [Iron Blood Legion] all became the most loyal and bravest warriors. As they shouted, they surrounded Crown Prince Arshavin tightly and unleashed all their strength. All kinds of warrior energies flashed, and everyone gave it all, wanting to protect their commander.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

As the powerful wind blew by, hundreds of black-armored soldiers of the [Iron Blood Legion] were forced to bend down. Under Fei’s supreme power, these soldiers were forced to kneel on the ground. With their arms propping up their upper bodies, they struggled and tried their best not to completely collapse.

Golden warrior energy flames enveloped Crown Prince Arshavin who was standing in the middle.

He unleashed all his peak Six-Star warrior energy and tried to fight back. His teeth gritted against each other forcefully, and his lips were bitten so hard that blood dripped down his mouth. His spear-like straight body started to bend uncontrollably, and his feet sunk into the cracked ground.

Then, his knees started to bend.

Arshavin was giving it the last fight. He knew that the King of Chambord was trying to destroy his dignity and shame him. If he couldn’t resist against this pressure and kneeled, his honor as the Crown Prince and Zenit’s God of War would be all gone.

However, when that pressure came down from the sky, he realized that it was so powerful, making it almost indefensible.

His back started to bend, and his knees also trembled uncontrollably.

“Even if I die, I won’t kneel!”

Arshavin’s eyes opened wide as he roared, and he pulled out the sword that was hanging by his waist. The blade was chilling, and the body of the sword was smooth like the surface of calm water. Then, he turned the sword around and stabbed it toward his heart.

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