Chapter 628: Shocking Departure (Part Two)

A prince should have his dignity, and Zenit’s God of War should have his pride.

Even if he had to commit suicide, Arshavin wasn’t willing to kneel in front of his enemy.

At this moment, the God of War of the northern bear, Zenit, showed his respectable side.

The people around Arshavin were stunned, and the soldiers of [Iron Blood Legion] were all infuriated. Blood flowed out of their eyes, and they tried their best to fight against the pressure the King of Chambord was putting on them. However, they couldn’t do anything to stop Crown Prince Arshavin, and they could only watch the tragedy occur in front of them.

Just as the blood of the prince was about to be spilled in the Capital, a voice sounded.

“Enough!” a majestic and noble voice sounded from the silent royal palace, and everyone heard it clearly.

A dash of golden warrior energy flashed by and shattered the sharp sword that was stabbing at Arshavin.

Emperor Yassin finally made his move, and he broke this dangerous situation at the most critical moment.

As the golden light shone in the sky, the insane amount of pressure that was being emitted by Fei got melted like the snow on a hot summer day. Crown Prince Arshavin was able to stand straight again, and the soldiers of the [Iron Blood Legion] who were fighting against the pressure even leaped into the air when that pressure disappeared.

The most intense moment was here……

The majesty of the royal family couldn’t be violated, and the laws and the orders of the empire couldn’t be breached. Under the gazes of numerous citizens of Zenit, would Emperor Yassin get mad and kill the King of Chambord who had been acting recklessly?

Everyone got nervous over this, and their hearts were in their throats.

Even Crown Prince Arshavin had a faint joyous and expectant emotion deep in his eyes.

However, silence took over.

Five to six minutes after the appearance of that golden sword energy, nothing else happened; the royal palace resumed its former quietness. After Emperor Yassin who rarely showed himself in public said that one word, nothing else happened. It felt like saying that one word used up all his stamina.

Everyone was surprised to see this.

“Whose side is the emperor on?” they thought.

Soon, the more intelligent people started pondering.

On the other hand, Crown Prince Arshavin clenched his fists again. He slowly closed his eyes and locked all his emotions inside. Beside him, his loyal soldiers of the [Iron Blood Legion] all looked angry and sad, and they held onto their weapons tightly.

It was the darkest moment in the night.

Fei looked at the shiny and fancy royal palace that wasn’t too far away.

He already sensed the will of the terrifying emperor, and he knew that this was the furthest he could push. This was the silent tactic understanding between him and the emperor.

“After this incident, what I want to achieve is already done. I taught Arshavin a big lesson, shocked all kinds of people, and showcased my strength. Who else dares to target Chambord and the people around me? There shouldn’t be people daring enough to disrupt my wedding 12 days from now.”

It was impossible for Fei to kill the most powerful and the most influential prince of the empire.

After all, that person in the royal palace wouldn’t let that happen, and the king didn’t want to become the enemy of that legendary emperor.

In addition, the empire wasn’t in a peaceful time; there were many undercurrents within the region. Although the king didn’t like Arshavin, he had to admit that this prince was a great military commander. In the chaos era that was about to come, this prince could use his talent to fend off the potential enemies and protect this land that Martial Saint Krasic died for.

After Fei looked around, [The Throne of Chaos] flashed and created a series of ripples. Then, they disappeared in the sky completely as if they never came here.

Everyone let go of the breaths that they were holding in, and they felt like the pressure on them was gone.

“Why didn’t you show up? What? You don’t think you can face me? This is disappointing!” Fei’s voice resonated in the sky.

This was what he said before he left, and most people didn’t know who it was for.

TL NOTE: Well, this is a little anti-climactic since the prince isn’t killed, but I assure you that it is for something bigger later on.

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