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Hail the King Chapter 629.1

Chapter 629: Wind-like News (Part One)

-In [Goddess of Intelligence] Elder Princess Tanasha’s Mansion-

At the moment, there was no light in the palace, and darkness enveloped everything.

In the grand hall that had moonlight shined in it, there was a figure who was wearing a light-yellow dress and standing in front of the window. When she heard what Fei said in the sky, her body shivered uncontrollably as if she was struck by lightning.

“Your Highness, you……” Beside her, Ziene who was in her usual purple dress detected Tanasha’s mood change, and she quickly tried to comfort her.

“I’m alright.” Tanasha turned around and said with a pale face.

“Your Highness, you have lost a lot of weight. Compared with when you met him for the first time under the incense tree at the hotel in Chambord, you look a lot weaker……” A caring expression appeared on Ziene’s pretty face as she lightly walked out of the shadow and helped Tanasha to stand up. She comforted, “You don’t have to blame yourself too much. Crown Prince His Highness…… seems like a different person now. He doesn’t listen to your advice at all……”

“I don’t understand what is going on. What made him…… Why does he have to push a genius like Alexander to the other side? There must be secrets unknown to us. After all, my older brother isn’t a dumb person who would get jealous over other people’s talents,” Elder Princess said as her big blue eyes looked troubled.

Ziene didn’t respond right away……


-Dual-Flags City-

After Ribry took control of this city that was on the northwest border of the empire, he quickly got onto the watchtower on the east gate. He strolled back and forth on the defense wall anxiously, and he looked in the direction of St. Petersburg frequently. This military commander who didn’t even get this worried when more than 60,000 enemies of Jax surrounded the city felt like the time was passing by too slow. In the last two hours, he had been waiting tortuously.

Behind him, other commanders such as Gago were also very anxious.

They were all waiting for the same person.

On the iron spears that were stabbed into the defense wall beside the watchtower, there were more than a dozen bloody heads. They were Mayor Soroyov and the nobles’ who had been stirring up the most trouble for the soldiers.

After Fei destroyed the bloody butcher Trace and took away Special Envoy Mathewson, these people such as Mayor Soroyov and the guiltiest nobles were killed slowly by all the angry soldiers. In the last while, native soldiers were killed continuously. Also, the tragic death of the 19 guards of Ribry ignited the fury on the soldiers’ minds. Since they were now backed by Fei, they weren’t going to let criminals like Soroyov get off the hooks.

However, after they vent their anger and frustration, they became very worried.

None of them knew what was going on in the Capital that was more than 1,000 kilometers away.

“Mr. Alexander left in a fury…… What is he doing in the Capital right now? What kind of trouble is he encountering?”

Time slowly passed by.

As Ribry was about to send the 20th team of fast-scouts toward the Capital to get information at all cost, an ear-piercing noise sounded from afar. Suddenly, a dash of silver energy flashed by and appeared on the defense wall.

It was King Alexander of Chambord.

“Sir!” Ribry was thrilled, and so were the other commanders. They surrounded Fei by the watchtower and asked, “Mr. Alexander! You are finally back…… Was…… Was everything alright in St. Petersburg?”

Fei was slightly touched by all the anxious expressions around him. He smiled and said, “Don’t worry, everything is handled now. Don’t be anxious; the new order from the Imperial Military Headquarters will be here soon. Just comfort the soldiers and the residents.”

After hearing Fei’s words and seeing no injuries on him, Ribry and others finally calmed down. They walked down the defense wall via the stairs and returned to the military campsite.

On the way, Ribry told Fei all the detailed information.

With Fei’s prior warning and their commanders such as Trace and Mathewson gone, the [Whip of the Thunder Lord] lost their combat abilities. They were suppressed by the native military force, and they backed off into a corner in the city. An hour ago, they handed over the people who killed the innocent soldiers of Dual-Flags City, and they gave up on resisting.

The native soldiers gained complete control of the entire Dual-Flags City.

“Sir! We listen to you! All the 30,451 soldiers and commanders in Dual-Flags City are under your command! From now on, you are the supreme leader of this troop!”

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