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Hail the King Chapter 629.2

Chapter 629: Wind-like News (Part Two)

“Yeah, Mr. Alexander, we will only listen to you now!”

In the central tent, all the commanders looked at Fei with admiration and swore their loyalty. After what happened these days, Fei’s influence over this troop reached another level. To be frank, his words were more commanding than the orders from the Imperial Military Headquarters as well as the royal family of Zenit.

Fei lightly smiled and replied, “Dual-Flags City is a territory under the control of Zenit, and the native soldiers are the soldiers of the empire. What I did tonight is from the stance as a friend and not a superior and the head commander. You guys don’t have to mention this. I believe that the empire would soon appoint a new mayor and a new head commander. You guys can just wait patiently.”

Since Fei was really firm on this decision, these people didn’t persist any further even though they genuinely wanted Fei to be their leader.

What they said was technically illegal, and they just wanted to make their stance clear. They all knew that once the King of Chambord gave them an order, at least 30,451 soldiers would be willing to battle and die for him!

After chatting, the commanders stood up and left the tent.

Fei didn’t tell them about what happened in detail. After all, what happened was going to be spread around quickly. Fei made a high-profile appearance at St. Petersburg tonight, and all the residents at the Capital knew what happened. Therefore, it would be spread around the region for sure, and the commanders at Dual-Flags City would hear it as well.

After a full night of business, Fei rested a little in the central tent, trained his spirit energy, and entered Diablo World to kill monsters and level up.

The king was able to have an overbearing presence at St. Petersburg today because he was powerful enough.

Although he didn’t battle with Emperor Yassin, he was still able to sense the vast amount of energy hidden in the royal palace. He had to admit that his current strength couldn’t handle that legendary emperor. After all, the closer he was to Emperor Yassin, the clearer the different and the pressure he sensed.

Therefore, before the arrival of the chaos, Fei had to increase his strength. He felt like only Sun-Class Lords could barely survive in the future dangerous times.


-The Nightmare Mode, Diablo World-

Fei got to the fourth map, [Pandemonium Fortress], and moved to [Plains of Despair].

After waving the war hammer for the last time, Fallen Angel Izual was killed by Fei, and the first quest was completed.

Fei wanted to increase his leveling-up speed, so this quest only took him three hours. Since [The Plains of Despair] wasn’t that big, coming and going from there didn’t take much time. In addition, Fei used [Town Portal Scroll] and created portals that allowed him to go back to the [Pandemonium Fortress].

After he sold the useless items and bought enough supplies, Fei and Elena started the next quest.

The second quest asked Fei to kill a mini-boss, Hephasto, in the [River of Flames] and get the [Hellforge Hammer]. Mephisto could only be killed if Mephisto’s Soulstone was destroyed by this hammer.

However, Fei didn’t complete the quest using the traditional methods.

As Fei understood this world more and more, he realized that he had to ditch the rigid ideas about this world. This world was life-like, and it wasn’t just a replica of the original game. A lot of items that only had a single use in the game were hidden treasures. If they were used properly, the effect they could provide would be greater than the rewards of completing the quests.

For example, Mephisto’s Soulstone that was in Fei’s hands right now had a lot of power. This crystal stored the soul of this deity of hell, and Fei could even hear the roars of Mephisto. If he could control this monster, it would mean that he commanded a deity!

Also, this [Hellforge Hammer] was a tool that could even forge the lava in the river of flames. If Blacksmith Charsi could use it, the value this hammer could provide far exceeded the rewards in the game.

After somewhat completing these two quests, Fei’s barbarian’s level finally reached 85.

His strength was equivalent to level 5 low-tier Full Moon. With the power provided by [Immortal King’s Soul Cage] and [Immortal King’s Stone Crusher], Fei was able to handle all Moon-Class Elites.

Of course, the legendary emperor, Emperor Yassin, was an exception.


The weather of the second day was lovely. The sky was blue, and the breeze was comfortable.

When it was nine o’clock in the morning, teams of fast-scouts who were sent out by Ribry last night came back with the new envoy from the Imperial Military Headquarters whom they met on the way.

When Ribry took over the scroll that named him the new mayor of Dual-Flags City from this envoy who was quite flattering, he couldn’t believe it! He felt like he was dreaming, and he spent the entire morning analyzing the implication of this; he didn’t want to bother Fei who was ‘resting’.

In the afternoon, the best scout who reached St. Petersburg finally came back after exhausting three fast horses. While panting, he told all the soldiers and commanders about what happened last night in the Capital, and Ribry finally understood everything.

For an hour, people like Mayor Ribry and Head Commander Gago went berserk. They asked that poor scout to tell them the shocking things that happened at St. Petersburg in detail for more than 100 times, and they were still not satisfied.

In the same time, what happened in the Capital of Zenit got spread around the region within 500,000 kilometers of St. Petersburg, and too many people were stunned.

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    alright, the author really needs to explain some stuff.
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    As far as we’ve been told, information travel is pretty slow, especially since arshavin seemed to have little idea of what happened in dual-flag after Fei went back to chambord and he was in the capital. There are ways of sending messages with energy, but we haven’t seen that used anywhere but inside cities.

    I enjoy this story, I really do. But the problem with how the size of stuff in this world and the speed things travel is getting annoying.

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