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Hail the King Chapter 630.1

Chapter 630: That Little White Face Is Here Again (Part One)

Fei’s domination completely shocked the entire empire.

What happened next was inline with Fei’s expectations.

After that night, the Imperial Military Headquarters took a 180-degree turn in their attitude toward the King of Chambord and the people who were close to him.

On the second day, they sent a new envoy and tried to correct all the mistakes that Special Envoy Mathewson made.

This new envoy was on the side of Second Prince Dominguez, and he met Fei once before. He was really kind, and he soon resolved the grudge and resentment the native soldiers had toward the Zenit Empire as a whole.

Through all these misfortunes, Ribry was canonized as a level 3 noble of the empire and the new mayor of Dual-Flags City, and Gago took Ribry’s old position and became the new head commander of the native military force at Dual-Flags City.

These two were viewed as the King of Chambord’s people a long time ago by others.

The fact that the Imperial Military Headquarters didn’t fill these two positions using outsiders was a way of saying that the Dual-Flags City was now Chambord’s back garden and overruled by the King of Chambord.

At the same time, the death of people such as Mathewson and Trace didn’t cause any uproars. As if insignificant bubbles popped and disappeared, their deaths didn’t even create a slight ripple. No one tried to fight for them as if they never existed.

In the afternoon of the second day, the [Whip of the Thunder Lord], one of the main battle legions of Zenit, moved out of Dual-Flags City and headed back to St. Petersburg.

After everything was calmed down at Dual-Flags City, Fei had a meeting with the new envoy, rejected people like Ribry’s requests of him staying for a bit longer, and headed back to Chambord.

The distance of about 400 kilometers was nothing in Fei’s eyes. His strength increased, and this distance only took him a little over 20 minutes.

Soon, Chambord City appeared in Fei’s sight.

In the night, the colorful lights in the city were lit, making the city look like a paradise that was created from magic crystals. Even though it was flashy, Chambord City had its own orderliness. Comparing Chambord’s night view with St. Petersburg, Fei who was looking down at his city felt like it wasn’t inferior. Except for the fact that his city was smaller in size, it didn’t lack anything else. In fact, it looked livelier since it was smaller.

Fei went into stealth and flew in the sky; everything seemed normal.

The only thing was that it seemed like the number of people in the city doubled overnight; the hotels in the city were filled.

Since the news about the King of Chambord marrying his two fiancées in less than half a month got out, all the citizens of Chambord got excited. It was an event that was worthy of a grand celebration, and people everywhere in the city were preparing for it. Compared with a typical day, it was a lot busier. Also, since people were most active in the evening before midnight, the streets in Chambord City were filled with people.

Fei quietly landed in a back alley, dressed up to make sure that no one could recognize him, and wandered around. As he saw the new look of the city and sensed the vitality of the kingdom, he felt very proud.

As he walked around, he bought a few decors from the street vendors and got a few takeout dishes from the most popular taverns. Then, he wandered around until he stopped in front of Soros’ Merchant Group’s shops.

Jessica was quite surprised by the king’s sudden arrival.

“Sorry to bother you again. I came here the day before yesterday to eat, and you had to cook at midnight. Today, I brought you some food as payback. I guessed that you haven’t eaten yet, right? Didn’t I interrupt your business?” Fei asked as he smiled and put the food on the table.

“Of course not! I would hope that you could come here every day. If your citizens know that their king visits our store frequently, they will come here so much that the threshold of the door would be destroyed! Haha!” Jessica quickly calmed down from her initial surprise and excitement and joked with Fei a little.

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  1. draghnov

    I think the Prince was manipulated by someone …..

    After a day, the news about Fei attacking the Capital/Arshavin is already know by all in the Empire, but even half a month after the war, nobody knew Fei was a moon class !?!?! Even the Prince!?!

    I think someone controlled the informations about Fei being a moon class and stir Arshavin to go against Fei (perhaps the Church?)

  2. bananaisblue

    This is what i dont like from Fei. He soon marries two women and here he flirts with other woman in the middle of the night. The problem is he is a natural harem maker but he keeps denying it like a hypocrite.

    • hikikomori hachiman

      Yeah. He should embrace his power, not Ben ashamed of it.

    • hikikomori hachiman

      Yeah. He should embrace his power, not be ashamed of it.

  3. Netzach

    I don’t understand why he doesn’t level up his other characters… I hoped he would take over his growth after the battle with Jax but it seems Fei is more focused on the barbarian one. Well, i understand he want to be able to protect his kind quickly from harm…

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