Chapter 632: Greeted by All (Part One)

In the future, the military of Chambord could be equipped with a lot of [Combat Shrines]. If each small formation of 50 soldiers had a [Combat Shrine] with them, they could suddenly unleash 200% of their strength! How destructive and surprising that scene would be?! Just imagine!

That was only the beginning.

Except for the [Combat Shrine], the soldiers could use the [Stamina Shrine] to gain unlimited stamina, use the [Armor Shrine] to get double the defense, use [Mana Recharge Shrine] to restore their magic energy or warrior energy, and use all kinds of [Resistance Shrines] to be immune to lightning, fire, ice, and poison magic spells……

Furthermore, if these mysterious runes could be simplified and engraved onto smaller objects other than big stone pillars, they would be more mobile and could be used as strategic assets! During wars, the value of these shrines would be irreplaceable!

Even if it were just individual battles between masters, they could still provide a huge boost and potentially change the outcome.

This was the power of the shrines from Diablo World; they could turn a hurdle of powerless sheep into a crowd of hungry wolves.

To be honest, Fei thought Akara and Cain would take a long time to completely decrypt the mysterious powers of the shrines and recreate the powerful shrines, but they sure gave him a huge surprise.

For a moment, Fei almost wanted to hug those two mad scientists and kiss them on the cheek.

However, Fei could tell that these shrines were only prototypes. They were quite heavy, and they could only be used at specific locations. They were still far from the mobility that Fei was hoping to see. They had to be more refined and improved, and it was going to be a massive and tough project.

However, it had to start somewhere, and the foundation was now built.

There were three shrines on the Golden Leo Mountain so far – [Combat Shrine], [Skill Shrine], and [Experience Shrine].

Out of these three shrines, the first two didn’t provide permanent increases. Different from the time restrictions in the actual game, these two shrines could actually empower the user for ten minutes, but their effectiveness couldn’t be stacked together. The [Combat Shrine] could increase Lampard’s combat abilities by 200%, and the [Skill Shrine] could double the damage of Lampard’s combat techniques.

After use, these two shrines would need a full day to recharge before they could be used again.

However, the [Experience Shrine] surprised Fei a little.

For some reason, this shrine’s power got modified. Fei could tell that its actual effect differed from the game; it wasn’t for one-time use. Instead, it constantly released a mysterious power, and Lampard’s cultivation speed was increased when he was around this shrine. Even though it was clear that the increase in experience wasn’t as fast as it was in the game, it was still a great addition.

Fei didn’t stay on the summit of Golden Leo Mountain for too long. After he gave a godly herb from the core region in the Mythical Palace to Lampard and helped him to increase his strength, the king left this place.


In the next second, Fei appeared in the [Godly King Palace] that was situated on the mountain in the middle of the Sky Castle.

In the next moment, his spirit energy spread out into the city and scanned the area within five kilometers of Fei.

Fei saw people like Cech cultivating diligently in the side palaces, and he was very pleased with their hard work.

Even though the Sky Castle that was now inside the stealth energy sphere on the Azeroth Continent didn’t have as much nature elements as the core region in the Mythical Palace, it was a rare place where cultivation speed was greatly enhanced. After three days of cultivation, everyone who stayed in the Sky Castle made progress.

However, under the time pressure, the progress wasn’t enough.

Sitting in front of the mystic lotus on [The Throne of Chaos] in the [Godly King Palace], Fei thought about it and took out more than a dozen godly herbs which corresponded with the elemental attribute of the warriors of Chambord.

These godly herbs were all from the core region of the Mythical Palace, and they have been growing in there for many years. With abundant nature elements, these herbs were able to prosper and stack their medicinal effects. They were rare to see on the Azeroth Continent, highly spiritual, and extremely valuable.

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