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Hail the King Chapter 633.1

Chapter 633: ‘Friends’ from Afar (Part One)

In this period of time, the Chambord City could be described as a bit messy and disorderly.

After Fei’s implementation of the reconstruction and renovation project, Chambord City already got its own unique living style and pace. A lot of outsiders weren’t used to it, so frictions would sometimes arise.

There were a lot of warriors who weren’t used to Chambord’s rules such as walking on the right side of the road, pausing at the red light, and stopping the water tap after use, and they had some unpleasant experiences with the bylaw enforcement officers. The good thing was that the name, ‘King of Chambord,’ was already infamous out there. These foreigner warriors had to hold back their short-tempers and didn’t dare to mess around with the military of Chambord. They were afraid that they would trigger the King of Chambord who was rumored to be ruthless and merciless and get killed.

In the last while, every person who first visited Chambord City was stunned by this mystic city that was in a remote location.

At first, these people all came to see the King of Chambord, and they didn’t expect too much from this remote little city. They thought that this little city was similar to other small cities where it was dirty, messy, and chaotic. In their minds, the residents here were poor like beggars, and the soldiers couldn’t even get a full set of armors and had to share one metal weapon……

However, they were shocked when they saw this city.

The beauty, cleanness, and degree of development of the magic civilization far surpassed the giant cities in the super powerful empires. Also, the soldiers of Chambord were mighty as well. There were quite a few of One-Star and Two-Star Warriors among them, and even the ordinary ones had a ton of physical strength.

In addition, the rules of the city were really strange to the outsiders at first. However, after closer inspection, they had to admire the creativity of the Chambordians. A lot of issues and problems that existed in the way of life of ordinary people were easily solved by these rules.

These discoveries all made the arrogant foreigners experience massive cognitive dissonance.

They had to put their tails between their legs and act carefully. Even though the Chambordians always explained everything to them patiently when they were confused by certain things, they still felt like they were hillbillies, and it was ridiculous.

Even though most of the outsiders were behaving properly, some of the troublemakers targeted the small magic items in the city.

In the last few days, there had been several incidents where magic traffic lights, magic water fountain, and magic toilet were stolen. Therefore, the officials at the Justice Department and the War Department had to send people to investigate and solve these crimes while they thought that these thieves were pitiful.

Chambord’s prison, [Little Black Room], was filled with various offenders, and they were charged based on the crimes they committed. Most of them were detained for ten days, and some were only fined. It was fortunate that nothing major happened. While the most powerful warriors such as Cech and Drogba were cultivating in the Sky Castle, few masters were available to deal with big issues.

Therefore, after a while, the first-time visitors were informed by others that the first thing they should do was to make sure that they knew what was allowed and what was not allowed. Otherwise, they might break the laws and get punished.

The Chambordians who were smart and business-focused saw the opportunities in this. They created various pamphlets and booklets such as [Chambord’s Essential Law], [How to Live at Chambord], [Survival at Chambord]. They were able to sell these publications for good prices, and they earned a lot of money.

It was almost noon, and the weather was nice.

Chambord City’s main street, [Golden Road], had a lot of traffic, and people who were wearing various styles of clothing were walking around with either curious or shocked expressions as they looked around.

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