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Hail the King Chapter 634.1

Chapter 634: Active Guests (Part One)

The figure in the sky, as well as the potential upcoming battle, instantly attracted the attention of many people.

To most of the warriors outside Chambord City who were only One-Star or Two-Star, being able to witness a battle between Moon-Class Elites was something that was rare for them; most people wouldn’t get that chance in a lifetime.

Therefore, as soon as Lampard, one of the most powerful warriors of Chambord, appeared, these foreign warriors became really excited.

The unique and powerful aura of a Moon-Class Elite surged in the sky of Chambord like tsunami waves, and blazing lightning energy stole the spotlight from the sun. All of this was shocking the numerous ordinary warriors in the area as they looked up.

As they stared at that burly figure who was standing in the sky, they couldn’t hide away their jealousy, envy, and hate.

Everyone was waiting for a battle between the powerful warriors.

The Moon-Class Realm which was high up and unreachable was an unattainable dream to a lot of low-leveled warriors.

As the lightning-elemental warrior energy crackling around Lampard, the streaks of energies that were on the edges of his warrior energy flames extended outward like white tentacles. It felt like the lightning energy was about to tear the sky apart, and the crackling noises it made felt like the anger of the God of Lightning.

The invincible and powerful aura appeared with him, and it easily robbed the glamor from the team of cavaliers that appeared on the horizon. Also, there were a few powerful auras in that team before, but it felt like they were insignificant after Lampard appeared.

On this continent, the levels in the cultivation world were far tighter than the hierarchy of royals and nobles. When a warrior wasn’t on the Moon-Class Realm, he or she wouldn’t be able to stand against Moon-Class Elites.

Therefore, those few provocative auras instantly dimmed down under Lampard’s suppression. As if they were coyotes that met a lion, they didn’t dare to mess around.

“Is it King Alexander of Chambord? Please don’t misunderstand. We are the envoy group from the Bordeaux Empire. With the command from Emperor Blank, we are here to congratulate Your Majesty on your wedding day, and we hold no hostile intent. Please don’t be angry.” As if they sensed the aggressiveness in Lampard’s aura, the team of cavaliers slowed and formed a defensive formation.

At the same time, a clear and dignified voice sounded, and this person quickly explained everything respectfully, afraid of causing a misunderstanding.

After hearing this, Lampard snorted lightly and didn’t even reply. Then, he instantly disappeared in the sky.

All the silver lightning-elemental warrior energy turned into a lightning bolt and disappeared into the Golden Leo Mountain at the back of Chambord.

At the same time, that suffocating suppression also disappeared completely. The blue sky went back to normal, and the ordinary warriors who had a hard time moving were able to move again. With pale faces, the low-leveled warriors felt like they were in a dream.

-On the horizon-

“Hey, that King of Chambord sure is arrogant. We already declared our identities, but he is still reckless. Does he really think that our level 4 Bordeaux Empire is scared of the little Chambord?” In the team of cavaliers, there was a young man who was wearing a red fire-elemental magic armor and riding on a level 4 Golden Cloud Hou; he looked furious as he took off his mask.

(TL Note: Hou is a Chinese legendary creature.)

He was younger than 30 years old, but he was already a peak Five-Star Warrior. He could be counted as a talented young man; no wonder he looked very proud.

“Hahahaha! Humph! When we get to the city, I will challenge the King of Chambord for sure! I will defeat him in front of thousands of people, and I will see if he can still hold up his haughtiness! I don’t think he is as powerful as the traveling poets said to be!”

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