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Hail the King Chapter 635.1

Chapter 635: Surge (Part One)

In that afternoon near the sunset, the no.1 mercenary group in the region within 500,000 kilometers of Chambord, [Wind Horse Mercenary Group], appeared. Group Leader Mellberg, along with six of the ten battle generals, appeared outside of Chambord City with precious gifts to congratulate the King of Chambord.

Their appearance was not anticipated by many.

Even though the [Wind Horse Mercenary Group] wasn’t an empire, their power was equivalent to one.

They were the most powerful mercenary group in the region!

Their group leader, Mellberg, was very powerful. Dozens of years ago, he was already a famous Moon-Class Elite. He defeated many enemies, and he was one of the top-tier masters in the area. The [Wind Horse Mercenary Group] had many powerful masters, and their strength was even mightier than ordinary empires!

Different from other mercenary groups, the [Wind Horse Mercenary Group] even had their own territory and their own citizens! Also, they had their elite main battle legion. Even though there was only one, it was comprised of soldiers who all had warrior energies. The combat strength of this legion was terrifying.

Ever since its inception, the [Wind Horse Mercenary Group] rarely took on requests made by small noble families. Their clients were mostly royal families of various empires, and they participated in battles between empires. They made their money in wars, and their combat abilities far surpassed regular troops.

The group leader, Mellberg, was nicknamed [War Pirate]. He had a strange personality and was extremely protective over his people. He was also very murderous; he was famous for only recognizing money and not people. Even the emperors of some empires were ignored by him.

However, such an arrogant person appeared here today. Even though the King of Chambord was technically several generations behind him, Mellberg still came here with masters from his mercenary group to congratulate the king. It was surprising and meaningful.

What surprised people again was that the King of Chambord still didn’t even show himself.

The person who greeted the [Wind Horse Mercenary Group] was the head minister of Chambord, Bast, who didn’t have warrior energy or magic energy. Just like the Bordeaux Empire, this elite group from the [Wind Horse Mercenary Group] was asked to camp on the other side of Zuli River. Except for their group leader and six battle generals, all other people weren’t allowed to enter.

To many people, the treatment the Chambord Kingdom gave was disrespectful and rude.

After all, people like Gurkov and Mellberg were of prestigious status, and coming here to congratulate the King of Chambord was already giving him face. However, the King of Chambord acted extremely cold, and it was almost shameful for the two honorable guests to be treated like this. Many people felt like the King of Chambord was too young and got too arrogant.

On the next day, Crown Prince Girano of the St. Germain Empire arrived at Chambord City on the nice morning. He was here with his four beautiful maids who were known as [Death Maids] as well as 400 elite soldiers from his empire.

Unexpectedly, King Alexander of Chambord appeared and greeted him warmly.

The King of Chambord got out of the city and greeted Girano and his people kilometers away, and he was friendly as he led them into the castle.

Even though a lot of warriors tried to see who this famous king was, they didn’t get what they wanted. They felt like there was a thin veil around the king’s face that was blocking their sight. Even enough some Six-Star Warriors and Seven-Star Warriors tried to use their full strength to see through that layer of mystery, they couldn’t do it.

Many outsiders especially warriors who came from outside the Zenit Empire sensed how powerful the King of Chambord was for the first time.

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  1. Franklin Wisseh

    I have been trying to figure out where the undead sun-lord and his bone dragon went. Can anyone help me out?

    • LOL, the author hasn’t mentioned them for a while. The last time they appeared, they were just chilling in the city. Don’t worry, they would appear soon.

  2. Draghnov

    Huuuummm I don’t feel at ease with all these influential people coming one after the other ….

    Perhaps I became too suspicious because of the Church men planning something for the wedding ? But the Prince of the level 4 Empire, although he said to his 4 men to stay calm, he didn’t seem too friendly … And now an arrogant and powerful mercenary …..

    And I suppose there will be other as well …. There will be a little army just outside and a lot of powerful masters inside ….

    I hope for Fei he will become a sun class before the wedding xD

  3. OG

    Makes sense to me that he wont let the strangers in or greet them. Who invited them, right? They just heard of the wedding and are sending letters to Santa

  4. Dark Lord

    Probably Arthur is trying for drink alcohol and undead mage suppressing him while they wandering the city

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