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Hail the King Chapter 635.2

Chapter 635: Surge (Part Two)

Although they failed to see his face, the aura that the king was giving off was giving them a suffocating sensation. All the warriors who were within 100 meters of the king felt like there was a huge invisible mountain above their heads, and all the bones in their bodies were getting crushed.

“[Sky Covering Fist]! He deserves his nickname! He is a genius warrior and a powerful king!” many people thought.

The King of Chambord’s quick appearance this time shocked many people. The ones who got impatient and tried to do stuff were stunned, and they were forced to remain still for a bit longer.

That same afternoon, clouds covered the sun, and it was very windy. Prince Simon of the Marse Empire arrived at Chambord City with 500 elite soldiers and several royal masters.

Later that night, Prince Sark of the Maze Empire also arrived with an envoy group……

On the third day, the no.2 mercenary group in the region, [Fire Blood Mercenary Group], arrived. Their group leader, Johansson, came to Chambord City with masters from the group……

The fourth day…… The fifth day……

As time passed by, more and more people who were rarely seen in public such as princes of the empires all showed up, and the number of elite soldiers who were camping on the other side of Zuli River were close to 10,000.

Under the bright sun, all kinds of flags were fluttering; even the sound of bugles and smell of iron blood could be sensed.

When standing on the defense wall of Chambord, one could only see the colorful flags, shiny weapons, and the campsites that covered the plain. The green grasses almost couldn’t be seen on the other side of the river anymore.

The soldiers and masters outside Chambord City reached a terrifying number.

With the combined force, it wouldn’t be hard for them to wipe out a level 1 empire.

At this point, even an idiot could smell the strangeness in the air. Something definitely was going on.

This level of celebration was far beyond the limit of a king of an affiliated kingdom. In fact, even if an emperor were getting married, there wouldn’t be this many powerful people going to his ceremony to congratulate him.

Even though the King of Chambord was talented, and his glamor outshined all other people in the empire, he was still young and wasn’t that influential.

He could be counted as a powerful figure at Zenit at best, and he couldn’t affect other empires and their strength. However, why were there so many forces that wanted to congratulate him?

In addition, the fact that the Zenit Empire allowed the elite soldiers from empires such as Marse, Maze, Bordeaux, and St. Germain as well as the elite members from the two biggest mercenary groups in the area to enter its territory was very strange as well.

The situation in the region was very intense, and chaotic wars could break out at any moment. Allowing so many elite soldiers and powerful masters into its territory was a risky matter. If wars broke out, these people would be really troublesome to deal with since they were powerful and were inside the heart of Zenit.

Even though that was the case, the royal family of Zenit didn’t show any objections, and they also didn’t send over any troops and masters to protect Chambord; they were literally asking a little level 1 affiliated kingdom to deal with all this alone!

“Are they this confident in the King of Chambord? Or is the Zenit Empire ditching Chambord like a chess piece? Or is the empire just going to stand on the sideline and watch, only hoping for the best?”

All these questions enveloped Chambord just like the dark clouds in the sky.

The King of Chambord’s wedding was like the key chess piece in a game that was being played by many different forces. This little chest piece was keeping an unimaginable balance, and many people’s endurance and will were being tested.

Once the chest piece was moved, the situation in the region could suddenly change, and undercurrents were going to surge!

The beginning of the chaotic and dark age that was filled with wars between empires arrived at the most northern city of the known continent. As wind and clouds moved around, a storm was brewing.

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  1. Draghnov

    I wonder if the old masters that Fei help in the mystical realm came or not (there was also quite a lot of level 9 star warriors)?

    It’s perhaps thanks to them that all these powerful people came, and not to disturb the wedding …

    • OG

      I would imagine that is part of it. He has all these very very powerful “weekend in Vegas” friends from what happened down there.

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