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Hail the King Chapter 636.1

Chapter 636: Skyrocketing in Strength (Part One)

-Five Sword Sky Mountain, Sky Castle-

Fei sat on [The Throne of Chaos]. After a long while, he opened his eyes and exhaled deeply. He nodded in satisfaction and was pleased with the progress with his spirit energy.

Since his wedding was approaching, there were a ton of elite soldiers and masters residing outside of Chambord. Although they said that they were here to congratulate the King of Chambord on the wedding, no one knew what their real intentions were. Therefore, Fei had to increase his strength as well as his subordinates’. They had to be prepared for what was to come.

Therefore, for the last while, he was busy getting his strength up.

At the moment, his spirit energy finally reached level 900, and he was able to scan an area of six kilometers around him. Also, his spirit energy was strong enough to be condensed. According to the methods on the mysterious purple scroll, he could already start practicing the secret techniques. He was able to solidify his spirit energy into weapons and pierce others’ minds. It was quite lethal.

At the same time, Fei’s actual strength increased a lot as well since he battled monsters in Diablo World every day.

He already completed all the quests on the fourth map, [Pandemonium Fortress], and he killed the final boss on the map, Lord of Destruction – Diablo. In addition, he completed the first four quests, [Siege on Harrogath], [Rescue on Mount Arreat], [Prison of Ice], and [Betrayal of Harrogath], on the fifth map, [Harrogath].

Right now, the strength of Fei’s barbarian character was Nightmare Mode level 98, and he was only one level away from the peak level 99.

While completing the last quest, [Terror’s End], on the fourth map, Fei and Elena opened the five seals inside the [Chaos Sanctuary]. They killed the Lord of Destruction, Diablo, and its demons, and they earned a lot of rewards. Fei got insanely lucky this time, and he got two green set items.

One of them was the gauntlets in the [Immortal King] set called [Immortal King’s Forge – War Gauntlets], and the other one was the armor in the [M’avina’s Battle Hymn] set called [M’avina’s Embrace – Kraken Shell].

These two items were both very important to Fei and Elena right now.

Currently, Fei already had two items in the [Immortal King] set which were [Immortal King’s Soul Cage] as well as [Immortal King’s Stone Crusher]. Every component he could get would push it more toward completion, and the combined power would get even greater. The difference between having two items and three items in the set was huge!

In fact, just the properties of this [Immortal King’s Forge] was surprising on its own.

[Defense: 430, Durability: 50, 12% chance to cast level 4 Charged Bolt when struck, +65 to Defense, +20 to Dexterity, +20 to Strength, + 10% life steal, +10% mana steal, +25% attack speed, +6 freeze targets……]

All these properties almost blinded the king! This set of gauntlets was at least five times more powerful than all the magic gauntlets that Fei used before!

Now, Fei had three items out of the six in the set, and he was only missing the belt, the helmet, and the boots. The magical power of this item set was already showing its fangs! When the three items appeared on Fei at the same time, a silver, holy light would shine, and it would give pressure to all Fei’s opponents, affecting their minds and judgment.

[M’avina’s Embrace – Kraken Shell] was significant to the Valkyrie as well.

Since Elena already got [M’avina’s Caster], which was the bow in the item set, she was now able to use partial powers of this top-tier item set for Amazon Characters with the addition of the second item.

Just the armor alone offered more than 1,000 defense points, and the additional magic damage reduction, the increase to skill levels, and more powerful properties made it one of the best magic armors in Diablo World.

Therefore, after killing Diablo in Nightmare Mode, both Fei and Elena experienced a huge jump in strength. Because of this, they were able to easily complete the first four quests on the fifth map and level up incredibly fast in such a short time.

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  1. Draghnov

    I wonder if the barbares he could summon increase in strength? Before they were level 3 or 4 star warrior, now they should be low moon class no? (at the minimum 9 stars warrior)

    • OG


      I wantes to see what buffs the 3rd set item brought. Hot hit hot chapter.chapter

  2. Goldenzeal

    Lord of Destruction – Diablo….. thats just wrong…

    Diablo is the Lord of Terror.
    Baal is the Lord of Destruction
    and Mephisto is Lord of Hatred

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