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Hail the King Chapter 636.2

Chapter 636: Skyrocketing in Strength (Part Two)

When Fei’s barbarian character reached Nightmare Mode level 98, Elena reached Nightmare Mode level 78. She was equivalent to a level 8 low-tier Full Moon Warrior in the real world, and even Lampard couldn’t be matched to her. In terms of elevation speed, she was only after Fei, and it was truly insane.

The rewards Fei got from completing the first four quests on the fifth map weren’t poor.

In the second quest [Rescue on Mount Arreat], the 15 barbarian warriors Fei got from Normal Mode experienced increases to their strength. They were all equivalent to Seven-Star Warriors, and they had basic intelligence as well as combat instincts. Also, the summon limit increased to three times a day. Of course, if they died in battle, Fei would need to wait for 24 hours before he could summon them again.

In the third quest [Prison of Ice], Fei got a magic scroll that could permanently increase all his resistances by 10%. He didn’t use it right away, and he stored it with the same scroll that he got after completing this quest in Normal Mode. These two trump cards were key in battle! If Fei could use them properly, they could turn a losing situation around quickly.

As he sat on [The Throne of Chaos], he went through everything that he got in the last 12 days systematically. Then, he looked outside the [Godly King Palace], glanced at the green mountains behind Chambord, and started to plan out his wedding.

Suddenly, Fei discovered something. He raised his eyebrows, stretched his finger, and shot out one silver sword energy.

“Eh? So reckless! How dare you come here?” That silver sword energy shone in the sky and quickly disappeared like a firework.

At the same time, a vague figure who suddenly appeared in the sky above the 12 Golden Saint Mountains after a series of transparent ripples was thinking about something. He was about six kilometers away from Fei, and he suddenly sensed a terrifying murderous spirit. His skin and soul were hurting, and his expression changed.

“No! King of Chambord, please show mercy. I’m……’


Before this person could finish, that silver sword energy passed through this person’s body quickly without mercy like a bolt of lightning, and this person’s body instantly expanded outward before exploding like a balloon. Along with broken armor pieces and cloth, there were blood drops and chipped bones falling from the sky!

He was a Moon-Class Elite, but he got instantly destroyed!

It was an instant kill over six kilometers away!

With Fei’s current strength, he could easily kill Moon-Class Elites.

“This is so annoying! He is the fourth one in the last ten days! They are really fearless! Since they are here to congratulate me on my wedding day, they should stay at their campsites. Why do they have to do sketchy things around here? Do they really think that Chambord is easy to bully? Since you guys dare to enter the restricted area, then I shall kill you!”

Fei was really angry as he stayed in the [Godly King Palace], and frustration that he had been holding back for many days was shown.

Out of the guests who resided either inside or outside Chambord City, some of them weren’t behaving. They tried to mess around, and Fei already warned them in secrecy and punished the more aggressive ones. By doing that, he deterred many more people from doing similar things.

However, the Moon-Class Elites who were arrogant completely ignored the king’s warning, and they still went to places that weren’t opened to them. As a result, Fei was enraged, and he sat on his throne in Sky Castle and killed the ones who crossed the line.

“Squeak! Squeak! Squeak!” Chubby Little Raccoon suddenly appeared in the palace.

As if this little guy sensed that its master wasn’t in a good mood, it rolled its eyes and picked a white flower from somewhere. Then, it jumped onto Fei’s shoulder and pushed the flower under Fei’s nose, winking at Fei and trying to comfort him.

“Your little joker!” Fei laughed, lifted Little Raccoon into the air, and lightly patted Little Raccoon’s butt.

The little white flower released a light fragrance, and it was clear that it was a rare herb. Fei felt very relaxed just smelling it.

It seemed like Little Raccoon, which was a Treasure-Seeking Beast, didn’t get its nickname for nothing. It would ignore regular treasures, and only rare, god-tier treasures could attract its attention.

After rubbing Little Raccoon’s chubby cheeks, Fei spread out his spirit energy and scanned the area around him. He clearly monitored the cultivation progress of the warriors of Chambord.

Fei nodded and thought with a smile on his face, “These men are practicing diligently. The godly herbs already refined their bodies, and their strength increased by a lot. People like Cech are already pretty powerful, and they are very close to Moon-Class.”

Fei’s wedding day was close. Once the warriors of Chambord showed everyone their strength, people would be shocked!

“Huh? Inzagi…… He is really talented, and he shouldn’t be like this…… Why is he not progressing at all? Could it be……” Fei suddenly sensed Inzagi’s aura and discovered something strange.

“Go get Inzagi.” Fei patted Little Raccoon’s head.

This little guy was brilliant. He instantly understood what Fei meant and dashed out of the palace after it squeaked.

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