Chapter 637: Black Knights (Part One)

Inzagi soon appeared in the [Godly King Palace] with an ashamed expression on his face.

Four days ago, he suddenly stopped making cultivation progress. Even though there were abundant nature elements in the Sky Castle, and he received a godly herb that could stimulate his potential from Fei, there was still no effect. As if an invisible barrier suddenly appeared on his path of progression, didn’t matter how hard he worked, practiced, and cultivated, he couldn’t break through it. In fact, he was getting more and more anxious, and it was negatively impacting him.

Fei glanced at Inzagi with his bright eyes, and it felt like he could see through this young man’s heart.

“I remember that I met you and Old York half a year ago when I was passing by the poor neighborhood at Hot Spring Gate. I still remember cute little Tina’s face…… I didn’t expect that arrogant and evil young man at the Hot Spring Gate would try to bring doom to you guys, and I still feel guilty thinking back to it,” Fie suddenly opened his mouth and brought up the past.

“Master, it wasn’t your fault. That Kulun is just too cruel and vicious; he isn’t humane……” Inzagi said as he clenched his fists.

“Eh, you have studied with me for a little over half a year now, and you are already a Seven-Star Warrior. With your unique innate stealth ability, you could go anywhere in the Zenit Empire as long as you are careful. Therefore, I’m comfortable with you going to the Hot Spring Gate, taking revenge, and putting an end to the past,” Fei said as he nodded.

While Fei talked, he felt a little emotional and very proud.

When he first met Inzagi, this dark-skinned and thin young man was only a little mercenary who didn’t even have warrior energy. Only about half a year passed by, and Inzagi was now handsome, fit, and composed. He was a better version of himself, and Fei was glad that he didn’t lead his disciple down the wrong path.

“Ah? Master, you mean…… I can……” Inzagi was excited after he heard what Fei said.

“Eh, you are not making progress these days because you couldn’t escape from your past. Since you still hold grudges, you couldn’t elevate your mindset and level up. In addition, since you want to become a master assassin, you need more practical experience. You could only become a truly powerful assassin once you go through battles and blood. Therefore, go and avenge for people like Uncle York and little Tina!” Fei paused for a second before continuing, “Go ahead and do what you need to do! Remember, you are my disciple! You don’t need to be afraid of anyone!”

Inzagi felt an indescribable feeling in his mind, and he was very thankful toward Fei.

He didn’t say much. He single-kneeled respectfully and turned around, leaving the [Godly King Palace].


-Hot Spring Gate-

This magnificent battle fortress was the Capital of the Ernst Region, and it was one of the top ten cities in the Zenit Empire.

Like a pair of huge black pliers, it tightly gripped the path that Chambord had to take to get to southern regions of the empire. Anyone who wanted to travel through this place had to be registered on file, and a lot of merchant caravans had to get their supplies here and were taxed.

It was the morning, and mist could still be seen.

The eastern sky finally turned a little bright, and the Hot Spring Gate was still like a sleeping beauty since its gates weren’t open yet. The flags that were hung above the watchtowers fluttered in the morning breeze weakly, and no patrolling soldiers could be seen on the defense wall. The entire city felt very peaceful and quiet in this early morning in the spring.

A series of clear clip-clop noises sounded from a distance.

Soon, five agile black knights who were riding on black horses appeared before the city; they were so fast and quiet that it felt like they floated over on clouds. After stopping before the gate and observing the area, the handsome young man in the lead waved his hand, and all five of them jumped off their horses and waited for the city gate to be opened.

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